3 kroki do sukcesu z Holmes Place

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Regular exercise increases energy levels, improves physical and mental well-being, helps lower stress levels, and facilitates weight control.

We invite you for 7 days of exclusive membership in Holmes Place Premium located in OVO.

In 3 simple steps we will show you how to change your life for healthier, how to rest and how to choose the activity that will be your pleasure.

What do you have to do?

Complete the form below and wait for the phone from our consultant who will arrange your first visit to the club.

And then in 7 days of your membership:

Step 1 your personal training

Our qualified personal trainers will skillfully tailor training to your needs and abilities. You can also choose any group workout if you like fun and motivating company.

Step 2 your health

Check how fit you are. By carefully analyzing the composition of your body by a professional equipment and our trainer, you will begin your journey to a better mood.

Step 3 is your relax

Enjoy the unique experience. Relax in our relaxation zone, gain energy and enjoy the peace of mind. Also open yourself for new, unique experiences during the incredible sauna rituals.

We are confident that these will be the first three steps to your success, or better life. Do something good for yourself. Get started today and make every day better than before.

Offer only for Holmes Place Premium OVO Wroclaw.

Posted in Wellness