4 ideas to stay focused and relaxed

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Core training of our body is all about inner strength and balance. In order to maintain and improve health, you also need to focus on developing the core of balancing body, mind and spirit holistically. Here are 4 ideas that you can easily integrate into your day and which will enable you to balance body's energy and Feel Well this winter.

1 . Meditation

Meditation has become more and more mainstream, as scientists have proven the positive effects of meditation on stress level, on ability to focus and on general health. By learning to quiet your mind, you actively change your brain waves. This increases the brain's ability to focus and the body's ability to relax. You don't need to spend an hour a day on it. Just start with 5 or 10 min every day when you wake up, becoming aware of the thoughts and feelings that enter your mind and allowing yourself to accept of their presence inside you. What’s important is the daily practice, not the amount of time you spend on it.

2 . Balanced Self-Care: Body, Mind, Spirit

Training sessions are not everything. How would it feel to integrate all of your dimensions – body, mind, and spirit – whether it would be in a group class or with your personal trainer? More fun, pleasure, and in the end also better results. Whether or not we admit it, we are all aware of the body-mind connection. Spend some time every day taking care of each aspect. It is all about balance.

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3 . Conscious Breathing

Breathing is intimately connected to your health and stress levels and therefore to your ability to relax and be in harmony with your surroundings. Your ability to breathe deeply from your abdomen is also intimately connected to the energy flow in your body and all the body's systems that are based on flow: circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory, and also the nervous system. Conscious breathing can help you improve immunity, eliminate toxins from your body, increase the healthy functioning of your organs and lower your blood pressure.
We spend too much time resisting the flow of life, which results in shallow breathing and reduced energy. So today start breathing consciously and deeply. It is a practice that helps you focus and keeps you relaxed.

4 . Energy Therapy and Treatments

There has been a lot of scientific research that proves that when you experience any kind of energy therapy, your brain waves start to resonate at the same frequency and with the same flow as the bio-magnetic resonance of the Earth – 7.8 Hz. Also, left-right brain balancing occurs, and the treatment brings your brain waves to the state of Alpha or even Theta and out of the state of Beta, where we live our active, busy, stress-filled lives. This type of therapy can produce a profound feeling of relaxation and can affect you on all levels – body, mind and spirit. Through energy therapy, you will really strengthen your core and tap into your body's innate ability to maintain balance on all levels.

Not every therapy is right for everyone, but everyone needs to find balance in life – body, mind and spirit. This winter, consider incorporating meditation, balanced self-care, and conscious breathing into your life, and get a broader perspective of what Core Training can really mean when you integrate and consciously involve all these dimensions and start to bring about a balance to your whole self. Read also about how to take a moment and zoom out. For other ideas on relaxing body and mind, see our SPA menu.

Melina Fuhrmann
M.A., M.B.A. INSEAD, Life Coach
Holmes Place Switzerland

Posted in Wellness