Amazing plants you can grow and regrow

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Here are some of the best plants you can regrow and use for your culinary pleasure - and exactly how to bring life to them again.

Select your favourite chillies. Remove and plant the seeds in the soil (in separate pots for each type) and place them in a sunny area.

Garlic sprouts
You may not get to grow your own garlic but the edible sprouts lend a nice bitter flavour to dishes. Place the garlic bulb in a glass or pot, with clean water just at the bottom (don’t cover the bulb). Change the water every couple of days and snip off as needed (not too much as it won’t produce any more sprouts once chopped completely).

You may not get a tree from each pit, but plant two or three to try to get them to take roots. With the pointy side of the pit facing upwards, place it (with the aid of toothpicks) over a glass or small bowl and submerge the bottom half of the pit. Change the water regularly and place in a well-lit area. In six weeks the top will begin to slip and some roots and stem should begin to be visible. Once you have some leaves and your tree is about 2 to 3 centimeters high you can transfer it to a small pot with soil and drainage.

Remove the bottom leaves and submerge a few stems (five or more) in clean water, changing it every other day. Once you see new roots are beginning to appear, separate the stems and plant them in soil individually. Water regularly and place them in a sunny area.

Place the cabbage leaves in a deep bowl, keeping the water to the bottom. Place the bowl in an area with plenty of sunlight and replace the water every couple of days to make sure the leaves remain moist. Once you see roots beginning to appear you can transfer it to the garden or large pot. Repeat the process once the cabbage is fully grown.

Save the tomato seeds, rinse them and allow them to dry. Plant them in an indoor pot and once its sprouts are a few centimeters tall, replant them in a sunny area.

Take any left over chunk of ginger and place on top of a pot with soil. New shoots and roots will eventually begin to appear and you can then take what you’ll use and replant it using the same sequence once again.

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