Forever young? How keeping active can reduce the four most common signs of aging

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Aging. Unfortunately, until we find that elusive fountain of youth (which we’re still holding out hope for), growing older is here to stay. But did you know that, with the power of exercise, your youthful glow can stick around too? Read on to learn more.

1) Wrinkles

They’re one of the most common signs of aging and for many people, one of the most frustrating. So you’ll be pleased to hear that it’s fairly easy to ward wrinkles off and/or reduce their impact. By practicing some light aerobic exercises, such as swimming or walking, you can reduce wrinkles by increasing the blood flow to your skin, which in turn supports your skin cells’ growth rate. It’ll also help your body to produce its natural oils and moisture, contributing to your skin’s supple texture. Hello, peachy-smooth cheeks.

2) Libido

It’s long been known that staying active increases - and protects - your sex drive.

For one, regular exercise boosts your confidence and body-image, keeping you feeling sexy regardless of your age. Secondly, exercise increases the blood flow to your sexual organs, making for a lively libido. Lastly, physical activity releases endorphins, which greatly reduces the effects of stress and anxiety on your body - both of which act as real killers to your sex drive.

To tap into your sexier side, it doesn’t really matter what exercise you do, so long as you do it routinely. However, if you’d really like to focus on this area, prioritise the following three activities:

• Kegel exercises (otherwise known as pelvic floor exercises), strengthen your lower abdominal muscles and lift your libido.
• Breathing and stretching routines help you to relax, while drawing consciousness to your body.
• Taking a walk in the sunshine - as simple as this sounds - energises you, improves your alertness and boosts your happiness levels.

3) Weight Gain

Extra pounds can add years to your appearance. Use staple fat-busting rituals such as squats, cardio and push-ups to stay on top of your figure - and don’t be afraid to get a little experimental, either. In terms of cardio, The American College of Sports Medicine suggests you can burn fat more effectively by interjecting your daily practices (such as jogging or walking) with faster spurts, as the change in speed triggers your metabolism and makes it “run” more efficiently. So mix it up, mess with the rules and most importantly, go for it.

4) Energy

Tired of feeling tired? It happens. Good exercise, of course, is our solution. Physical activity makes you feel more energised as it increases your blood flow, delivering more oxygen throughout your body which in turn makes you feel more lively and alert.

As with losing weight, there are specific exercises you can adopt to focus on the energy factor. Follow our tips for the best machines to use, and it won’t be long until you’re experiencing those sweet bursts of youthful vitality.

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