Ideas for summer days

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Ideas for summer days

Climb a mountain Obviously, you should spend as much time as possible outside during the summer months. The question is, ‘doing what?’ Whether you have a favourite outdoor sport or not, hiking requires only a pair of shoes, a forest/mountain, and a good attitude! Pick an afternoon and find some elevation!

Have a Picnic There are no excuses not to get sunshine because of your busy working day. Gather a group of colleagues and sit outside during your lunch break. 30 minutes of sun exposure gets you 10,000 IU of Vitamin D!

Ride a Bike If you live within 10 miles of your workplace, you should be riding a bike every day. This guarantees exercise 5 days per week, and getting the blood flowing before arriving at the office will have you alert and ready to work.

Know Thyself You know better than anybody what skin type you have and how easily you burn in the sun. Pick a sunscreen and take care of yourself, regardless of what your other friends are doing!

Get Waterproof Swimming or simply going to the beach is a treasured summer activity. Make sure you use a sunscreen that is waterproof and will be effective during your days at the beach.

Apply cream frequently It’s OK to spend plenty of time in the sun – you are only at an elevated risk for skin cancer IF you are deficient in Vitamin D! However, make sure you apply sunscreen to your whole body several times throughout the day. Most creams wear off after a few hours.

Sun is OK Researchers at the University of Edinburgh found that exposure to UV rays actually lowers blood pressure. As long as you are taking proper safety measures, spending time in the sun can actually be good for you.

Relax Being out in the sun all day has a draining effect on your body, especially if your day in the sun is followed by a party in the evening. Therefore, make sure you have a nap in between activities. Getting the extra rest will allow you to start the next day with no side effects! Use aloe vera to help your skin recover as well.

Hydrate After a long winter of being inside, your body’s temperature regulation system will not be used to such hot days and will have to work extra hard to keep you cool. You might not notice your sweat very much because it will always evaporate, so stay well hydrated! Keep a bottle of water at your side throughout the day and be sure to get plenty of electrolytes as well.

Have Fun Finally, do not forget why you are outside: To enjoy it!! Enjoy time with your friends and family, enjoy the sunshine, and savour the moment. You will want to remember it when winter returns!

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