Is training with make-up on bad for my skin?

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Currently, several brands offer special makeup for the gym. Consisting of very light creams with some tinting to unify the skin tone. While still being not the best idea for the skin, this is the best of the available options.

Sometimes women leave their make up on because without it they feel less attractive and confident, and sometimes it’s simply because they’re in a rush and have no time to remove the makeup.

But do we really know what is happening to our skin when leaving makeup on while working out?

When practicing cardio, Pilates, muscle building or any other discipline, the body sweats. Sweat’s function is cooling off the body in order to keep it at the right temperature. This is achieved by the evaporation of water through the skin pores. When you sweat, the skin pores dilate, and if you are wearing makeup it will obstruct the pores and facilitate the formation of blackheads. Therefore, it is better to go to the gym with a washed face.

woman face makep up

Before the training session, you should remove your makeup with a dedicated face-cleansing product. Never use ordinary soap or bath gel. It is also important to clean your skin well after exercising so as to eliminate the toxins in the sweat that are on the skin. We also recommend in-depth facial cleansing procedures that should be done at least every time the season changes.

If you really would like to wear makeup to the gym, make sure it is dedicated for this purpose, otherwise you could cause the opposite of the desired effect. Personally I recommend training with a clean face.

The final decision is up to you, but please choose responsibly!

For more advice specific to your skin, contact our SPA professionals.

Teresa Postigo
Operations and Spa Manager
Holmes Place La Moraleja, Spain

Posted in Wellness