Iyengar Yoga - my first experience

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I always thought of how great yoga is – such a great stretching which helps to get rid of stress and it's a non-invasive way to improve your fitness level. The theory of beauty, but where are the actions?

Curiosity and passion for everything that "yoga" has in its name, has made me change my rigid 'do nothing' weekend schedule, and made me take part in Iyengar Yoga class. When browsing through the club schedule, the first difference that strikes the eye is the duration of the class. One and a half hour, instead of the usual 60 minutes. The fact rather worried me – I assumed that the exercise will be less intense than Body Balance classes. It was a false assumption, but then - not entirely. Classes were just different.

I got familiar with Iyengar Yoga at first reading about it on the internet, where I found out you often use balls, belts, pads or rolled mats. From the very beginning, our trainer asked us to stretch our spine while laying on the ball. (I was happy like a child, because exercise with a ball is just great). I had no idea that it could be so nice and I can stretch my body so precisely.

Most of the exercises were primarily designed to stretch and relax all muscles that are tired after a whole week at desk job.

Yoga middle1 yoga middle 2

There is a real effort required to remain in one posture for an extended period of time. Even tough, people who have joined our group after a Body Pump class, had some problems with the implementation of all the exercises, although the trainer offered a less demanding version of some (for which I and my rigid lower back are extremely grateful). Still, you have to give them credit for doing a one and a half hour yoga session right after a hard training. But only while glancing at their effort have I realized how sweaty I got. And guess what the best part was? I didn't feel tired afterwards. Is this a feature of yoga itself – I do not know, but I can certainly recommend it.

Have you already tried Iyengar Yoga, tell us your experience?

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May 2013

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