Life changing moments that lead ordinary people to a healthier lifestyle

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We all know ways we can improve our lifestyle. Moving more, eating well, getting more sleep and keeping stress to a minimum. You can make these simple changes at any time in your life, all you need is a little motivation.

But for some, it can take a life-changing event, diagnosis, or even just a conversation to push them into living healthily. Here are some stories of people who eat well, move well and feel well - and the motives that inspired them.

Diagnosed with illness: Ella Woodward

Known to most as food blogger Deliciously Ella, Ella’s blogging (and now entrepreneurial) journey began when she was diagnosed with Postural Tachycardia Syndrome in 2011. The condition causes heart rate to dramatically change when moving from lying to standing. She also had gut problems, headaches, allergic reactions and chronic fatigue. After a period of alienation, unhappiness and medication, she cut out processed foods, took up a whole food, plant-based diet, and started an exercise programme from her doctor.

Miscarriage due to drug addiction: Fenella Scarlett McCall

You wouldn’t quite believe it, looking at Fenella’s 100% fitspiration Instagram page today. But the glowing, sculpted mother-to-be behind Fit Fenji is a recovering addict, beginning her journey with substance abuse at 13, getting addicted to heroin, and taking the bumpy road to recovery in 2014. It was only when she had a miscarriage that she was horrified with the damage done to her body and never used again. She’s now two years clean, works out, eats clean, and loves it.

Rejection from his dream job: Keoni Hudoba

Former opera singer Keoni Hudoba was rejected after an audition. But it wasn’t because his voice wasn’t strong enough - he was out of breath from the choreography required for the role. The casting director told him it was down to his weight - and if he was serious about performing, he needed to do something about it. Cut deep but determined, Keoni curbed back the doughnuts, creating healthy alternatives of his favourite foods. He danced off 70 pounds in one summer, before taking up abs classes, dance classes and boot camps.

Anxiety and OCD: Dorothy Beal

Mother of three and runner of 34 marathons, Dorothy Beal appears to be some kind of superwoman. But it wasn’t always this way. Her epiphany moment hit during a break from college. She stood on the scales in her family home and was shocked and distraught by the number she saw. She’d let herself become grossly overweight and unhealthy, before finding out she was suffering with social anxiety disorder and OCD. Instead of getting comfort in food and cigarettes, her friends and family inspired her to slowly walk races until she could run them. Since then, she’s been diagnosed with genetic liver disorder Gilbert’s Syndrome, IBS and Oral Allergy Syndrome - but that hasn’t stopped her from pounding the pavements.

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