Motivational tips for New Year's resolutions

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Each of us at some point in our life makes resolutions. Usually, at least some of them concern physical activity. Most people decide on a future date when they'll start training systematically, while fewer people define increasing the overall amount physical activity as a general objective. Even fewer of us also set a deadline on which they will evaluate the results of these efforts. All three are necessary for successful fulfillment of your resolution:

1.The date of your first training:

Your calendar is busy, but you can't miss the date of your first training. If possible, you should have a chat with a Personal Trainer beforehand. Tell him about your goal. Your Trainer will certainly help with the implementation of the plan and tell you how to achieve your goal. It is important to write down the parameters, which you hope to influence during the training process. The first proper step is crucial.

2.The purpose of your effort:

It's important to write down what you want to achieve – for best results, hang the written resolution over your bed, or over your desk at work – anyplace where you will see it often. A post-it with objectives will help you remember why you're getting tired at the gym, and it will help overcome the crises on your new path.

3.Date of revision of your training:

After a month of training, it's a good idea to revise your goals. You should check if anything has changed o should be adjusted, depending on the purpose of your training. This can be:

  • the size of weights you exercise with,
  • the distance to cover in a single training session,
  • the intensity of exercise,
  • the body's measurements, our weight, mood and flexibility.

After a month of systematic training, noticeable changes will occur. Some parameters, such as body weight, can be controlled every week. By writing down each result, you will see how things change over time and what influences your weight loss or gain. Thus it will be easier to avoid things that seem to hamper the chances of reaching your goal.

The date of your second training verification could be one month later. Another effective driving force to keep training would be taking part in a competition or challenge organized internally by your club or externally i.e. in a running event, when you will be able to compare your achievements with others. Not everyone is a competition junkie, but it's always good to see and realize how many people are working on similar goals even harder than we are.

The main thing is to keep track of what exactly we want to achieve by constantly increasing physical activity and constantly reminding yourself of this, as well as to enjoy your progress and get satisfaction from small achievements.

The most important thing is being systematic – something you can verify each week!

Feel free to talk to our Personal Trainers, who will advise you on individual challenges and goals for the upcoming year.

Robert Pucuła
Personal Trainer
Holmes Place Hotel Hilton, Poland

Posted in Wellness