Should I train with my new born baby 0-3 months?

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During the long evolution of humankind we have managed to stabilize certain movement patterns. In the first year of life, as the baby grows, it also lays down vital foundations for later life and develops fine motor skills. There are ideal movement patterns that we store in the brain like a computer since our birth. Poor handling of the infant may cause problems later in life. In this age there is no need to force miraculous exercises upon your child, nature is already made it easy for you over thousands of years of evolution!

This approach to exercise can be applied in training of adults and you will only need to change and adapt some movement patterns. Think of the body from a global perspective and try to always connectthe muscles to the mind, body and soul. Any suggestions you offer to your baby must be in accordance with his/her motion development. Lifting and carrying the child or laying it down very often does not respect these simple rules. The main objective of the exercises in this period should be to deepen the relationship between You and Your child, and also to influence a child's intellectual skills.

Do not try to outrun nature and therefore let it inspire you instead!

We also know how important is to find time for yourself in this beautiful yet challenging moment in life. In order to relax your body and release stress, try our Body and mind classes choosing one that suits you best.

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Václav Rázl
Personal Trainer
Holmes Place Smíchov, Prague, Czech Republic

Posted in Wellness