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Did you think that you would be here today when you started with “Scandal”. It’s a huge success, you are in season 6 now.

No way, I never thought we’d still be here. To tell you the truth as an actress I never think anybody will watch my stuff. Part of that is just a draw, you never really know what will work and what won’t.

How do you approach your character in “Scandal”. Do you use a specific method?

I work very physically. How I approach a character often has a lot to do with the physicality of that character. So the challenge of my physicality changing dramatically two times now in the life of the show and Olivia’s body not changing, I was trying to figure out how to hold onto her posture and her emotion, her physical orientation while mine is different every day has been in a real exercise for me.

That must be interesting since Olivia did not have two babies in the show. She stayed the same. ...

Exactly, that’s why it has taught me how to grow my toolbox to lean into other areas of grounding her, other than just kind of the walk -- the walk has become more of a waddle. At least for a while.

And, speaking of that tool-box, there are other areas of your life where you are also very active. You have been pretty outspoken and involved in the outgoing Obama administration. What do you think we are heading with the new President Donald Trump?

I am hopeful that this is an opportunity to become aware. It’s a very important time for people to participate in our democracy. In the last election more than half of the population did not show up. I just hope that more of us get involved.

What actions will you be taking in the next couple years?

A ton. I have always been involved in politics. I will call my representatives and volunteer in my community. I have always done that. I will continue doing that. We have to show up and do our part.

Your reaction to Meryl Streep’s speech at the Golden Globes was very emotional. What did you think of that speech?

It was very special. It was a graceful speech. No name calling but a lot of truth in that beautiful speech.
Other things that you like involve the little pleasures in life… it’s known that you love popcorn and wine…
I love popcorn. I have not had much wine lately because I am with child. But popcorn is big in my house. We have popcorn for breakfast sometimes. It may not be the best parenting, but it is fun.

What’s the best thing about being a mother?

To feel rested when you can (laughs). It’s my best role, no question about it.

And how is your daughter Isabelle adjusting to being a big sister now?

She is loving it. I like that we have two. I am an only child, but my husband has many siblings. He can give some tips.

You look amazing. Are you back on the Hollywood track, diet and fitness every day?

As a nursing mother I can’t really diet. The baby comes first. And the baby wants to eat. But I am trying to exercise again, I took a break after giving birth. But now it’s time to get back on the horse.

A Scandalous routine (that guarantees incredible results)
Kerry trusts her routine to her personal trainer Nonna Gleyzer. The instructor swears by the power of Pilates and that is the main focus in the workout.
Pilates allows the focus in specific muscle groups and exercises are adapted in order to work those muscles without forcing routines that don’t feel comfortable. With these adaptations Kerry gets a full body workout that offer stronger muscles, alignment, endurance and, of course, incredible toning and shaping.

Posted in Wellness