Summer-time Spa: Your own home-made pampering treats for the warm days to come

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Lazy summer days provide the perfect excuse to pamper yourself - and we all make a little extra effort when we know we’re going to be bearing all at the beach or the pool.

It doesn’t take a bathroom full of expensive products to indulge your inner goddess - simply embrace your summer of zen with a few luxurious homemade spa treatments.

You can get the benefits of natural ingredients, prepare for the sun and find your health and beauty balance after the long sunny hot days. Out masks are easy to make and apply and will help you fight dry skin or brittle hair from the exposure to the sun or salt water.

Mask for Sun Damaged Skin
This simple paste really is made from basic store cupboard ingredients. If sun, heat and air-conditioning are playing havoc with your skin, this should help restore the balance, reducing lines and unwanted effects of melanin production such as darkened areas.

What to do:
• Put a teaspoon of olive oil in a bowl
• Add one-half of a teaspoon of honey
• Add one teaspoon of baking soda
• Mix them all together until you’ve formed a thick paste
• Apply to your face and leave for 10 - 20 minutes.

Benefits: Facemasks are great for your skin and work as super cleansers and moisturizers. Add fragrant oils to suit your preferences and indulge.

Deep Hair Conditioning
It’s easy for hair to start feeling lank and dry in the summer sun, which is why it’s savvy to protect and repair it with a really deep conditioner, keeping it silky and strong all summer long.

What to do:
Initially: shower. Deep conditioning works far better on a clean head. Then, grab a jar of natural mayonnaise and a plump avocado: from that, all you have to do is blend them together and work the mix into your freshly-washed hair.
Once applied, it’s a good idea to protect your hair-mask with a shower cap or towel to make sure that it doesn’t drip everywhere. After that, you can chill out for twenty minutes, then just wash it off and reap the benefits.

Benefits: Deep conditioners protect your hair from all the unnatural things you put it through - straightening, curling, dyeing etc. When you deep condition, you’re hydrating, softening and improving elasticity. Don’t over do it to make sure the hair does not become too oily.

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