Body fat scales: how they work and are they accurate?

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Standing on a set of scales is fine if you’re just wanting to check your weight, but it doesn’t factor in muscle, fat or water percentages.

Body fat scales give the best of both worlds, showing us how much weight is from our body’s fat store and how much is from hard-earned muscle.

Humble household scales have been part of our homes for decades. However, this little platform of pleasure or displeasure (which often has us either smiling or swearing) only tells part of the story. It only tells us how much weight in total we’ve lost - and if you gain muscle, weighing scales can just frustrate you more. 

How do we know if the weight we’ve put on is from building muscle - or in fact fat we need to shift? Body fat scales can help us understand body composition and individual weight loss. They’re especially useful for those wanting to bulk up. So how do they work and just how accurate are they? Let’s take a look...

How do body fat scales work?

In short, electricity. But don’t worry, it’s totally safe. The gadget works by sending a safe weak electrical current through the body, which is possible because fat is an excellent conductor of electricity due to its water content. Muscle has less water and is less of a conductor. 

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How accurate are body fat scales?

If we can trust a fitness tracker to accurately log our movement, sleep patterns, heart rate and calorie intake, why doubt body fat scales? Just like fitness trackers, there are many variations of this gadget and some are less reliable than others. If you read reviews, a pattern emerges: a pattern of confusion, disappointment and many let-downs.

The manufacturers use various typical sales methods to get you to buy this new-fangled gadget at very low starting prices. Don’t be taken in simply because the beautiful shiny appearance of the scales matches your bathroom worktops.

Do your research before you buy body fat scales. And be aware that factors such as air humidity and environmental variations when using the product can affect the body fat scale reading. For instance, the reading can be inaccurate if it’s taken in a steamy shower. 

Similar to a fitness tracker, body fat scales can be a useful piece of equipment. But take it as a guideline and use your instincts or better still, use it with the guidance of Holmes Place Personal Trainers.

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Don’t become reliant on this product as it could leave you disheartened and less motivated if you don’t see the results you want. If you prefer hands-on body-tracking allied to technology, Holmes Place personal trainers will work with you, offering guidance and suggestions for losing weight and gaining muscle.

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