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We believe that living well is a life journey.

A journey that should always be enjoyable and fulfilling.

A journey that is enhanced by the power of community.

A journey that celebrates progress.

A journey that inspires your whole life.


It all started in 1980 with one club in Chelsea, London. Set in a “cul-de-sac” the brand made its way up to cult and state-of-the-art as Allan Fisher, one of the original three founders, took over the enterprise.


From the very beginning, it was clear that the ambience was what set it apart. It was the wake of a new decade and the pulse of the 80’s dictated that fitness was trending, from the music to the outfits up to the most iconic Jane Fonda’s VCR workouts. With this background, Allan Fisher and Lawrence Alkin developed the club and its concept.


Holmes Place was giving people access to a different lifestyle where looking good came hand-in-hand with health, style and exclusivity. Over the first ten years, the growth was both in spreading to new locations as it was about affirming the brand as the up-market health club.


In 1996 was the year of internationalization as Hans Koster invited Allan Fisher to design and implement the first club in Portugal at Quinta da Fonte, a new top-quality business park. The original contract was signed by the two on the back of a serviette over dinner. And it stood unchanged for now 20 very appetizing years.


These where the years when Jonathan Fisher, son of the founder Allan Fisher, lead a consortium to buy the franchise rights to develop Holmes Place in other countries, expanding to Greece, Israel and Turkey and later in Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary. By the early years of 2000 Holmes Place had 50 clubs in the UK and 26 outside led by a private consortium.


The year came with a shift and an exit strategy is set in motion, leaving all UK clubs to be sold to a major competitor. In the following year, the Fisher and Kirsch families joined efforts to buy back the worldwide rights to Holmes Place and expand to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. By 2011 the brand claimed the record for the largest privately owned quality health club chain in Europe.


Today, as in the very beginning, Holmes Place is in motion and the success drives from the ability to offer what the people expect… and then some. Offering top-notch quality and experiences in a place where you can become part of a community, a group that has in common, not mere fitness goals, but the will to lead a fulfilling life. A place where members aim for the best in all the pieces that come together to create the puzzle of their lives, granting it completeness. And this is how you now are able to find a Holmes Place Club in 10 countries serving over 270.000 members in the exclusive art of living well and enjoying the journey.

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