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Fuel your life with eating plans and tips from our nutritionists. Balance the energy you need for work, exercise, leisure and family time.



Holmes Place Nutritionists develop a plan based on your physical condition, weight goals and overall personal preferences. They make it easy to follow and enjoy a healthy nutrition plan guaranteed to get results.

Personal plan

After taking your measurements and analyzing your metabolic age, our nutritionists will design a complete and balanced meal plan that fits your lifestyle and goals.

Permanent support

Whether your goal is to improve your physical performance, lose weight or meet another long-term commitment to yourself, our experts will provide support and guidance throughout your journey.

Enjoy the journey

In our Blog you’ll find healthy recipes, cooking tips and smart nutrition advice to make sure that eating well is always a pleasure
Learn to eat well
Holmes Place | Woman on scale weight

Extreme weight fluctuations explained: 3 key reasons your weight goes up & down

Are the numbers on your scale constantly yoyoing? It’s more common than you think - here’s why it happens and how to prevent it.
illustration our people dyonisis karapanos

Our People - Dionysis Karapanos - Club Manager Holmes Place Glyfada

Dionysis Karapanos, Club Manager @Holmes Place Glyfada in Greece, shares his passion for a well-balanced life. Family, career and an active lifestyle... here is his story:

Our People – Araceli Escobedo

Araceli Escobedo – Holmes Place Brand Manager – can be described as a passionate person. She’s enthusiastic about a healthy lifestyle and both delicious and nutritious food are a fundamental part of it. Open your appetite for some ‘healthy eating’ motivation. Be inspired!

Our People – Chris Cooper

Chris Cooper is passionate about running but he finds room in his journey to make sure the purpose of the run is bigger than just coming in first. With incredible projects like ‘Runners Heal’, he proves that every step counts in this journey.
Illustration yoga Rosela Ciko | Holmes Place

Our People – Rosela Ciko - Yoga Instructor Holmes Place Poland

Rosela Ciko is passionate about yoga, harmony, balance, beauty and truth. Sharing her passion with other's has led her journey from India to Holmes place. Be inspired
Woman resting sunny day relax | Holmes Place

The power of power-napping & how to do it properly

Power-nap! Should you be napping? A short afternoon snooze is like hitting the reset button in your brain - science says so. Here’s why we should all be closing our eyes during the day...
group indoor meditation gym fitness yoga namaste | Holmes Place

Yoga Mornings – Playlist

Easy like a Sunday morning... every day. “Sounds like” a soft awakening and the beginning of a wonderful day with our Yoga Mornings-Playlist.
Daniel Kulikowski illustration | Holmes Place

Our People - Daniel Kulikowski -

Daniel Kulikowski is passionate about sports, food, and life. From martial arts to vegetarian cuisine, his passions led him to find at Holmes Place the perfect location to embrace it all. Be inspired.
couple fitness outfits park walking sunny day | Holmes Place

How do I stay fit as I get older? 5 tips to keep in shape as you age

Our bodies need extra care to stay fit and healthy as we get older. Put the odds in your favour by starting now - this handful of tips will ensure you’re aging in top shape.
Holmes Place | Granola Bars

Seven healthy DIY granola bar recipes

Save on the sugar-packed, shop-bought snacks and learn how to make your own granola bars for energy-fuelled days on the go.
Woman stretching | Holmes Place

Menopause and exercise - what can I do? By MD Tordis Berger

Physical activity is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle and well being, it takes on even greater importance at menopause.
woman running sunset city outdoors | Holmes Place

Late Night Running Summer Playlist

There is nothing like enjoying a summer night’s breeze with a liberating run. This is the soundtrack to make the feeling last.
Holmes Place | Woman Listening to Music

The rise and shine playlist to boost your energy

The rise and shine playlist. Now that spring has arrived, nothing can beat this warming sounds that will join you while you workout.
Holmes Place | Woman Exercising with Personal Trainer

What can you get from a fitness club that you can't get from a regular gym?

When you start the search for workout spaces, you’ll encounter two main types – fitness clubs and gyms. But which is best?
Holmes Place | hand in cookie jar

How to stop yourself from feeling hungry

Can’t stop thinking about your next meal? Your body could be crying out for many other things. Here are some key factors that have us racing to the fridge.

Healthy Easter Recipes to do with kids - 3 ideas for your candy list

It’s that time of the year again - where chocolate and candy take the spotlight and the house is full to the brim with an assortment of discarded silver foil.
Holmes Place | Elisabeth Smith

Our People - Elisabeth Smith

Elisabeth Smith writes since she was very young. Her hobby became part of her daily life. She envisions herself combining her work as a nutritionist with her passion to write. This is her story:
Holmes Place | Outdoors Exercise

Forever young? How keeping active can reduce the signs of aging

Aging. Unfortunately, until we find that elusive fountain of youth (which we’re still holding out hope for), growing older is here to stay.
Holmes Place | Knee Pain

The ultimate exercise solutions for knee and joint pain

Knee and joint pain are a common issue. How can one overturn them?
Holmes Place | Late Hunger

How to stop eating at night: three top tips to curb evening hunger

We’ve all been there. Standing in the warm glow of the fridge, perusing its contents for leftover apple pie when we know we should be asleep.
Holmes Place | Meditation

Stop, think, breathe: Why the best way to maintain a busy lifestyle is meditation

Stress. It’s a completely normal thing, that happens to completely normal people. But that doesn’t mean you should accept it.
Holmes Place | Woman Scale

What can cause unintentional weight loss? Is it dangerous?

Almost everyone experiences fluctuations in weight loss and gain throughout life. It's natural for your weight to fluctuate during the year. A couple of extra or fewer pounds on the scale is just normal — and nothing to worry about.
Holmes Place | Outdoor Climbing

Life changing moments that lead ordinary people to a healthier lifestyle

We all know ways we can improve our lifestyle. Moving more, eating well, getting more sleep and keeping stress to a minimum. You can make these simple changes at any time in your life, all you need is a little motivation.
Holmes Place | Two Snowboarders

The best classes to master your favourite Winter Olympics sport

Starting today, all eyes of sports fans around the world are on Pyeongchang for this years' edition of the Winter Olympics.
indoor gym class women laugh fun fitness | Holmes Place

Activate by Holmes Place – Group Class

Activate is a total body conditioning class that uses only body weight and a towel to boost your cardiovascular system and the muscle chains of the upper body, lower body, ​and core.
Woman and Man Running | Holmes Place

Run Better Guide: How to be the best runner you can be

Run, rest, repeat. We all know the drill.
Holmes Place | Women Exercising Smiling

How to find your perfect sports bra

Wearing the right sports bra can make all the difference to your workouts and body. Here are 5 tips to help you select your perfect sports bra.

Our People – Sean Turner

Being CMO of an international company means always striving to be on top of the wave. And Sean Turner – Holmes Place Group Chief Marketing Officer – is passionate about surfing. This is his way of enjoying the journey.
fruit ice cream | Holmes Place

6 low-calorie, healthy ice-cream recipes that are totally delicious

Looking for some low calorie, delicious ice cream to indulge your sweet cravings? As you wish!
Football practice outdoors team | Holmes Place

How to train like a football superstar

Workouts inspired in football to improve your strength, agility and speed. Here is how you take the cup in the 20th FIFA World Cup.
women indoor cycling bike training gym workout fitness | Holmes Place

Tricks to speed metabolism by MD Thordis Berger

These are the best tricks to speed metabolism and help you lose weight more efficiently by MD Thordis Berger.
two little kids boys VR sets outdoors | Holmes Place

How to get kids away from technology & active this summer

Teens and screens are one of the biggest challenges parents face today. Here’s how to encourage youngsters to put down the smartphone and move more.
Holmes Place - Callisthenics

Callisthenics for children: 5 animal-style exercises kids will love

Should your child be doing calisthenics? The answer is yes, yes, yes. From bunny jumps to bear crawls, this fun workout for kids will help build natural strength in little ones.
guys doing bar pull-ups in a gym

A beginner’s guide to pull-ups

Pull-ups always have been, always will be, the ultimate super-move. Here’s how to prepare your muscles and perform them properly.
woman wearing head cap and swimming glasses close-up smile pool | Holmes Place

Pool workouts: full body pool exercises underwater fitness

As the days get warmer the pool becomes even more appealing. But it doesn’t need to be all about swimming. Here are two workouts you can do at the pool. Dive into your best underwater gym circuit.
Woman stretching yoga mat gym | Holmes Place

Glute goals: 6 best exercises for bums and legs

Glute Goals: 6 best exercises for bum and legs. Tone, resize and feel great. From squats to lunges, bring these sculpting exercises into your fitness routine and start seeing results in your lower body.
Holmes Place | Woman Looking at the horizon

Four ways to find your inner peace

From breathing correctly to changing negative habits, these four tips can help you slow down, live longer and inject happier into your life.
Holmes Place | woman weight lifting beach workout sunny sea

Countdown for summer – Full-Body Workout to get you ready

Spring is already here and you know what that means: summer is just around the corner. Follow this full-body summer workout to get ready for it.
Holmes Place | Man Swimming

What Exercises Can People With Heart Conditions Do?

Just like any other muscle, also your heart needs physical activity to help keep it in good condition. Suffering from a heart condition is no contraindication for physical activity.
Holmes Place | Woman in the Gym with Abs

How to Get the Perfect Abs - Fundamental Tips to Get you There

Straight to the core: learn how to target those abdominal muscles for a flat, toned stomach.
Holmes Place | Easter Eggs Music

The ultimate Easter egg soundtrack - hidden tracks that became hits

We made an entirely different Easter egg hunt this year. Instead of real eggs, we found the hidden gems in the music industry that will pump your workout.
Holmes Place | Kids Sports

Childhood obesity in Europe: 3 steps to keep your kids healthy

Obesity in Europe among kids is rising. But how can we do so in the most effective and engaging way? Read on to find out.
Holmes Place | Spa

Three key differences between a sauna and a Turkish bath

They’re two of the oldest spa treatments around. They’re also both steam based, and were each designed to help you cleanse and purify your body. Sounding pretty similar so far, right?
Holmes Place | Hollywood Walk of Fame

The Hollywood workouts of this year’s Oscars nominated stars

Before last night’s results, it was clear that the Oscars' nominees were already winning big in terms of fitness, sporting some of the finest physiques in Hollywood. Which begs the question: what are their secrets?
group class aerial yoga antigravity women smiling hammock | Holmes Place

AntiGravity by Holmes Place - group Class

AntiGravity® is what happens when Yoga grows wings. Decompressing, aligning, strengthening the muscles and allowing you to experience extraordinary sensations while you collect the health benefits of an active lifestyle.
Holmes Place | Kids Swimming

Kids swimming: a step-by-step guide on how to teach them

Holmes Place | Yoghurt Snack

5 cheat meals you should always have on hand

Double-stuffed-crust pizza. Triple-scoop sundaes. Beer-battered onion rings. Welcome to cheat meal paradise – and to weight-gain hell. The problem with treating yourself when you’ve been successfully eating well is that we can go too far with the splurge.
Holmes Place | Woman Headphones

Romantic songs for a workout for two - a Valentine's playlist

Every day we witness the same routine: across all our gyms, people hit our health club and perform the workouts and classes of their choice.
Group class fitness gym fight exercise women | Holmes Place

Warrior by Holmes Place - Group Class

Warrior is a hybrid workout that mixes martial arts and fitness. In this super dynamic and intense experience, you’ll find a full body workout with the challenging twist of a group class.
group class woman exercise group indoor gym pilates abs | Holmes Place

Pilates by Holmes Place - Group Class

The perfect fitness challenge to offer you wellbeing and balance in a class that works on your stretching, stability and strength… day after day.

Eat well, live better

Eating properly is fundamental to a healthy life and we know that.