Group classes

Conditioning, Aqua, Mind & Body, Martial arts or Dance. Whatever you enjoy most, we’ve got a class that will push your limits, help you relax or simply have fun


We offer dynamic, exciting and innovative classes seven days a week. All our Signature classes are included in your gym membership with no additional cost.

Xpress Classes

FAST, FUN, EFFECTIVE: 15 minutes of fun to help you reach your fitness goals. The intensity of personal gym circuit training as well as the fun of the group experience.


ENDURANCE, BALANCE, FLUIDITY: Dive into the deep end with high-intensity pool workouts or slowly wade into lighter and more balanced classes.


ENDURANCE, STAMINA, STRENGTH: Combine low and high-intensity cardio with strength work to reach your total fitness goals.


POWER, FITNESS, FUN: Experience a sense of progression as you ride towards your goals in our fun, momentum-driven and high-energy cycling classes.


FUN, CARDIO, MOVEMENT: Get into the groove and dance toward your goals. It’s exercise that could quite possibly be the most fun you can have in a group.


FUN, TEAMWORK, HEALTH: The exercise they need, in the activities they love. Build confidence, coordination, team spirit and a healthy lifestyle from an early age.

Martial arts

STRENGTH, CONTROL, BALANCE: Tradition meets innovation in Holmes Place classes, inspired by the most enjoyable and effective martial arts and combat sports.

Mind & Body

HOLISTIC HEALTH, BALANCE, FLEXIBILITY: Calm your mind and build a balanced approach to well-being as you stretch and strengthen your body.
Woman and Man Running | Holmes Place

Run Better Guide: How to be the best runner you can be

Run, rest, repeat. We all know the drill.
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How to find your perfect sports bra

Wearing the right sports bra can make all the difference to your workouts and body. Here are 5 tips to help you select your perfect sports bra.

Our People – Sean Turner

Being CMO of an international company means always striving to be on top of the wave. And Sean Turner – Holmes Place Group Chief Marketing Officer – is passionate about surfing. This is his way of enjoying the journey.
illustration our people dyonisis karapanos

Our People - Dionysis Karapanos - Club Manager Holmes Place Glyfada

Dionysis Karapanos, Club Manager @Holmes Place Glyfada in Greece, shares his passion for a well-balanced life. Family, career and an active lifestyle... here is his story:

Our People – Araceli Escobedo

Araceli Escobedo – Holmes Place Brand Manager – can be described as a passionate person. She’s enthusiastic about a healthy lifestyle and both delicious and nutritious food are a fundamental part of it. Open your appetite for some ‘healthy eating’ motivation. Be inspired!

Our People – Chris Cooper

Chris Cooper is passionate about running but he finds room in his journey to make sure the purpose of the run is bigger than just coming in first. With incredible projects like ‘Runners Heal’, he proves that every step counts in this journey.

Stronger together

Find the perfect class for you. We have a suitable group class for your needs.