Gym vs home: The benefits of taking it to the club

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You know you need to exercise - but is a gym membership really necessary or is exercising at home just as good? A question asked by many and answered by simply looking at the pros and cons. By doing so, you can work out your workouts yourself.

How many people you know have joined a gym and not used our membership regularly? It might be because it hasn’t been the right time, the right gym, or it could be down to a lack of classes that would actually be enjoyed. By understanding the pros and cons of gym vs home, you can smartly decide which venue is right for you. Let’s start with workouts under your own roof...

Benefits of working out at home

1. With little or no costs involved in working out at home, it’s an undisputed reason why home exercise can be better than the gym.

2.  You don’t have to ask for childcare. By exercising at home you can still get fit while having the kids around.

3.  You can quit at any time. You won’t feel pressured to do something you can’t carry out.

Negatives of working out at home

1.  Much less motivation. There’s nobody to encourage you to keep going when you’re at home. You can stop at any time without feeling guilty for dropping out - but that isn’t going to help you meet your ideal weight or physical goals. You need the instructor at the front of the class egging you on to keep going and fellow class members are also there for encouragement and comradery.

2.  The kids are at home, so there’s no interruption from that parenting role. Often with home workouts, there’s no escaping them - despite every effort it takes explaining you want a little time to yourself.

3.  Chance of doing damage to yourself. Lack of monitoring means there’s more chance of injuring yourself if you don’t have an instructor to supervise you.

4.  Lack of equipment means limited training. There’s no way you can carry out a full-body workout without the right equipment - and there aren't many homes with a fully kitted-out gym. 

5.  You can quit at any time. Great, but should you really? The reality of a membership is encouragement in itself to keep going and can only be best for your health.

6.  Less social/more isolated. Loneliness is said to be a serious modern day killer- being stuck in the house alone only adds to this.

Benefits of working out at the gym/ club

1.  It’s sociable. We meet and acquire good friendships at the gym: friends with similar tastes in sport to us and friends who make us laugh at their comedy attempt of a certain yoga position.

2.  The gym membership is motivation to keep going. The yearly membership can be off-putting for some if they’ve thought about leaving prematurely, however the reason we should sign up long-term is to keep us motivated to go. It’s paid for therefore use it.

3.  You club has all the equipment for a full-body workout. Most gyms cater for many different cardio, circuit and full-body workouts which improve our overall health and physique. 

4.  Qualified instructors. In this current climate of health and safety, every gym has qualified instructors to ensure we’re not injuring ourselves.

5.  Personal trainers. You don’t find these in your home (unless you’re married to one). Whether you are need specifics on how to safely exercise after an injury or you simply don’t know where to start, these gurus are worth their weight in gold. With personalised exercise plans, motivation and guidance, they can help us through our journey at the gym. 

6.  You don’t get cabin fever at the gym. Being stuck in the house can make us go stir crazy. With others around you at your club you’re seeing other people in a venue different to your home.

7.  You can access different types of classes. There are so many classes to choose from these days that nobody has the excuse of being bored. From dance classes to conditioning classes, there’s always something different to try.

8.  It’s fun and innovative. Being at the gym can be as fun as you make it. The Holmes Place FloatFit classes are especially fun and challenging for anybody who thinks they’ve tried them all. Try also suspension training for an aerial yoga experience, or our AirFit class to have you jumping towards your goals.

Negatives of working out at the gym

1.  Beeing a member and not attending. Time constraints are one big issue. In this busy modern world it can be difficult to find time to attend - but even just attending a few fitness classes a week (many classes at Holmes Place are just half-hour sessions) can have massive benefits on your mind and body. And that is also part of the reason why we created Xpress classes – get in and get your workout done in just 15 minutes! 

It’s clear that the gym boasts far more benefits than working out at home. Holmes Place clubs are more than just a place to exercise - they’re sanctuaries you can incorporate into your lifestyle for optimum wellness and health. There are pools with jacuzzis, saunas and Turkish baths, dedicated fitness studios, healthy cafes, relaxing lounges, shops and even a hairdresser in certain clubs. Find out more here.

personal training gym indoors club workout fitness Holmes Place

Posted in Lifestyle and tagged Club, Gym , Lifestyle , Fitness, Fun , Home.