How to choose the best fitness class for your goals

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Want to lose weight? Meet new people? Ditch stress? Whatever your goals are, here’s how to find the right fitness class for your goals.

Slimmer. Stronger. Happier. Healthier. Everyone has his or her own personal goal, especially around this time of the year. And just as diets aren’t a one-size-fits-all affair, neither are workout classes. To achieve your own individual goal, you need to implement the right fitness routine. Whether you want more energy, less stress, or a strong core, there’s a fitness class for everyone. Here’s how to find the right one for you.

The best fitness class for burning calories and weight loss


Step off the treadmill and onto the bike - spinning is an incredible way to lose weight. A single spinning class can torch a whopping 500 calories, and you only need to do it twice a week minimum to shed the fat. If you’ve ever been to a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class, you’ll also know that you also continue burning more calories than normal... even after you’ve stepped off the bike. Winning.

The best fitness class for strengthening muscles


One of the best ways to sculpt your body is with regular BodyPump classes. At Holmes Place, our classes incorporate sliders that you can place multiple disks onto to increase your training load as you progress. This isn’t a case of going for the maximum load, though - weights are kept light to let the reps do the work. You’ll go through every muscle group in your body and boost cardio at the same time, getting you in prime shape from head to toe.

The best fitness class for meeting new people and having fun:


Anyone who has done Zumba will know that it’s more like joining a party than working out. But you don’t have to stay up all night drinking. And instead of a hangover, you leave class feeling exhilarated. While this is a solo activity, everyone follows the dance moves in sync. This way, you’ll interact with lots of new people with a high-energy buzz in the air. If you want to try a class where you pair up and boogie, try Kizomba - a fun and popular dance from Angola where you’ll work the dancefloor as a twosome.

The best fitness class for improving posture:


Whether you’re chained to your desk for long hours or spend a lot of time travelling, sitting can take its toll on our postures. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get you standing tall and looking leaner. Barre classes are one of them, of course. Taking inspiration from ballet, the class incorporates positions that focus on lengthening your body, keeping it tall and stretched out. Regularly attending this class will build muscle memory for standing up straight. that combined with toning will completely change your stance.

The best fitness class for reducing stress and pain:


Combining the practices of tai-chi, yoga and Pilates, BodyBalance is ideal for anyone suffering from aches and pains, as well as lowering stress levels and boosting the immune system. The yoga-based class will get to work on your mind, body and soul. It will also implement positivity and calm in all aspects of your life. You’ll bend, stretch and breath through a series of steady moves, focus on areas of pain and leave feeling calm and centred.

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Posted in Fitness and tagged Classes, Group Classes, Fitness Classes, Fitness.