Low Cost Gyms - Can we put a price on our fitness?

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How do you choose a fitness club or gym? When it comes to our health, just how much should we be investing? And are the budget (or free) options just as beneficial? Let’s weigh up the options...

Running can be a godsend for those on a budget who want to stay fit. It’s free, it’s effective, and you can do it anywhere. In modern times where technology reigns supreme, we all could use some extra time out of doors. Breeze flowing through your hair, skin soaking up the sunshiney goodness of Vitamin D. But what about those rainy days where you just can’t face the cold? Are mother nature’s workouts sustainable? Or do we need to pay for more flexible, measurable options?


Cheap vs expensive fitness


Life can be chaotic and unpredictable. Sometimes what we need is stability and control over our activities. Having the reliability of a fitness centre filled with life-restoring facilities can help ease the anxieties of everyday life and allow us to take control of our wellness. More to the point - we want a place where we actually enjoy being. Holmes Place has built itself around this mindset: from our friendly group classes to nutrition guidance, our luxury services provide things few standard gyms can. 


If it’s chilly outside, there’s nothing quite like a Turkish bath or sauna to rid you of your winter blues after a invigorating exercise session. It's tough to always motivate yourself and having the support of a personal trainer behind you can really push you to set and achieve your goals. Having a professional to go to for advice can be invaluable. Our team will tailor your wellness and fitness goals to your specific needs and even to work out a meal plan to go hand-in-hand with it. 


Exercise can be a wonderful way to make new friends and to socialise in new ways. The older we get, the harder it can be to form new relationships and make emotional connections. Finding common ground such as a fitness class that you attend weekly can be a fantastic way to see new faces and can forge lifelong friendships. Check out some of the world’s most popular group classes at a Holmes Place club.

Mix it up


You don’t have to go to the gym all the time. There are a great selection of simple exercises online that we can do in our homes or outside in nature - and sometimes this option is just what we need. 


Another reason to get out and about can be our pets. Dog walking can be a joyful and gentle exercise and also an opportunity to meet like minded souls. Walks along the beach with the crisp air hitting your cheeks can be exhilarating and remind you what life is truly about. 


Health is such an important part of the human existence and it affects so many facets of our lives. We’re all guilty of taking it for granted and for believing that good health is our right. It should be the one thing that joins us all and we should commit to investing in our own above all else. There’s no price on fitness and wellness. 

Find a Club near you today and enjoy the journey with us.

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