Say goodbye to Cellulite and detoxify your body

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Lymphatic drainage is a type of massage recommended for people who want to firm the skin, remove toxins from the body and fight cellulite. The treatment stimulates blood and lymph circulation, clean and improves the general condition of our body.

How does a healthy lymphatic system work?  

The lymphatic system interacts with the circulatory, immune and digestive systems. Lymphocytes capture and fight dangerous compounds, bacteria and viruses. The flow of lymph mediates the exchange of components between blood and other body tissues, helps remove excess fluids and toxins from the body, protects the body against harmful microorganisms and transports nutrients and fats. The role of lymph nodes is to purify the lymph and multiply lymphocytes.  

When lymphatic system is not working efficiently in our body occurs Lymphoedema, the tissue edema due to lymph stasis.

Effects of manual lymphatic massage

The Lymphatic Drainage treatment is completely painless and relaxing, it has cleansing effect, improves blood circulation, eliminates swelling and heaviness of legs, supports the fight against cellulite, regenerates the body, speeds up recovery and improves the appearance of the skin.  

Special massage grips release and push the lymph, along with toxins and metabolic products into large, collective lymph nodes, where they are transported to the filtering organs and expelled from the body together with urine.  

The advantages of the treatment

I recommend this massage to people with Lymphoedema, which is the result of stagnation of blood and lymph in intercellular spaces. After the treatment due to edema reduction, patien experience relaxation, lightness and the skin elasticity improvement.

Lymphatic Drainage is perfect for hot summer days, during anti-cellulite and slimming treatments, for people performing work requiring long standing or sitting, after surgery or seriously disabled patients.  


• support anti-cellulite and slimming treatments

• the heavy legs syndrome

• prevention of varicose veins

• improving the skin condition 

• swelling reduction

• the body detoxification

• regeneration after liposuction procedures

We invite you for physiotherapy consultation and the Lymphatic Drainage treatment. 

You can arrange a visit:

- personally at the reception of the Holmes Place Premium club, ul. Grzybowska 63 in Warsaw

- by the Booksy app

- by phone, call +48 505 835 471

Agata Kowalska Physiotherapist at Holmes Place Platinum Club Hilton, Warsaw

Posted in Medical, Wellness, Lifestyle and tagged drenaż limfatyczny, fizjoterapia, cellulit, oczyszczanie, detoks.