Abs Xpress - Muscular reinforcement exercises for abdomen and back

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Holmes Place | Abs Xpress

15 minutes fully focused on the muscle region surrounding the abdominal area (abs) and the lower back.

Abs? Absolutely! 

It's already a traditional class on our clubs. The success is easy to explain: abs are one of the areas of the body that most people want to develop. In the 15 minutes of our Abs Xpress class, you'll strengthen and sculpt your core. 

What exactly is your core?

The core of the body is defined by the structures that make up the lumbopelvic-hip complex, including the lumbar spine, the pelvic girdle, abdomen, and the hip joint. You can divide the core musculature into three systems: local stabilisation, global stabilisation, and movement. 

To put it simply: your core is the origin of all movement and the centre of gravity for the whole body. An efficient core is necessary for maintaining proper muscle balance throughout the entire human movement system. If the core is unstable, it does not allow for optimal movement, force reduction, force production and transference to occur throughout the kinetic chain.

The universally accepted method of describing human movements is in three dimensions; this is based on a system of planes and axes. Three imaginary planes are positioned through the body at the right angles, so they converge at the centre of mass of the body. These planes include the sagittal, frontal, and transverse planes.

The Abs Xpress workout focuses on tridimensional movement, therefore you will have exercises for all three planes of movement.

It’s time to try our Abs Xpress classes. 15 minutes fully focused on your core.

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Posted in Fitness and tagged Xpress Classes, Classes, Fitness, Workout, Abs, Abs Xpress.