Wanderlust in Europe, our new partner in the journey

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Holmes Place | Woman doing yoga in front of crowd

A match that was meant to be. Holmes Place welcomes Wanderlust to Europe and becomes a premium partner. Here is what you can expect from this legendary mindful festival.

Wanderlust: The name that stands for ‘a strong desire to travel’ became a movement. It all started in the United States of America with the will to help people come together and celebrate wellbeing through a shared experience of yoga, meditation and running. This mindful triathlon conquered the hearts and minds of its participants in the outdoor events that can last for days or just for a few hours.

Now the journey to ‘find your true north’ travels across the ocean and we are more than ready to welcome it. We know summertime is usually dedicated to music festivals, but now the mindful festival arrives in Europe and Holmes Place, of course, is proud to be a premium partner in this cross-Atlantic journey.

A perfect reason to invite our members to yet another stepping stone in the journey that has everything to become a landmark of happiness and wellbeing.

Uncover a new community, finding like-minded people and take the chance to embrace the best things in life: friendship, nature and an activity you love.

Follow the calendar, find more information at your Club and meet us at Wanderlust Europe in:

*  Hamburg, 24.06.

*  Cologne, 13.08.

*  Vienna, 20.08.

*  Zurich, 28.08.

*  Berlin, 03.09.

*  Lisbon, 08.10.

*  Barcelona, 29.10

Find your north and Enjoy the Journey.

Posted in Fitness, Events and tagged Event, Fitness, Lifestyle, Wanderlust, Yoga.