Roller Xpress: Rejuvenation, Release, Renewal and Recovery

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Holmes Place | Roller Xpress

Experience self-massage using a roller and a mini-roller to reduce muscular tension and pain.

Myofascial release

This is currently a popular topic in the world of fitness. Myofascial release is actually an umbrella term for a wide variety of manual therapy techniques in which pressure is applied to muscle and fascia. By extension, a self-myofascial release is a type of myofascial release that is performed by the individuals themselves rather, often using a tool. The most common tools used for self-myofascial release are the foam roller and the roller massager.

What fascia?

Fascia can be defined as fibrous collagenous tissues. The fascia surrounds each muscle and organ in the body and is formed of numerous layers of collagen fibre bundles separated by thin layers of adipose tissue. It has been reported that fascia changes its composition due to changes in water content, can contract like smooth muscle, and can potentially become inflamed which may cause pain.

The muscles and fascia can be manipulated to increase their elasticity with the application of the compression and friction techniques such as the ones the roller express enforces. Among many other things, Roller Xpress Class will help muscle regeneration, improve your quality of movement and contribute to physical and psychological well-being.

Although this class is intended to help everyone, it´s not advisable for people with the following conditions to attend: advanced osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, oncologic patients, women who are in the first trimester of pregnancy, people taking anticoagulant medication, or those with oedema, acute pain, and sensitive skin.

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Posted in Fitness and tagged Xpress Classes, Classes, Fitness, Workout, Roller, Roller Xpress.