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How to create and structure a CV for a job application. Interview with Holmes Place Recruitment expert Nicki Kelly with Barcelona Metropolitan.

Nicki Kelly is the European Recruitment and Loyalty Manager for the Holmes Place Group. In her expert role, providing advice for CV creation and job application is a constant. In her latest interview with Barcelona Metropolitan Mag, she highlights the steps on how to create a CV for expats.

What would you say are the top concerns for an international company that hires from different backgrounds and for so many different areas?

Less than concerns, there are things we need to be very aware of, such as ensuring we integrate different cultures and behaviors into our own company culture. We also need to be clear about the differences between the same roles in different countries. In any case here in Holmes Place, we hire based on Attitude and train Technique, so once we spot the Holmes Place attitude DNA that person is very likely to be IN.

Human Resources and the Fitness Industry

Is there anything that you feel is exclusive to HR for the Wellness and Fitness industry?

Passion for sports and fitness, in general, is always a great advantage. At the same time, we believe we can also instill that and inspire people once they join us. We are always searching for our A-Players, and for the right people in the right position, rather than a “fill the role quickly” attitude some companies seem to have. Yes, it can be time-consuming to find and fill the open roles, but having said that, turnover is then reduced as a consequence. We pride ourselves on finding the right fit for us and for the candidate.

How to create a CV

How would you describe your job and what drove you to develop this particular piece of advice to expats?

I love my job, I am in charge of hiring the best for us! I have always and will always love when I find the right person and I know that they will excel in the role. For me, it’s not just a “win” for the company but also for the candidate, because in Holmes Place the atmosphere and culture are very unique! We really are all enjoying our journeys here together. The advice piece is just another way to fulfil my mission to be clear, transparent and informative in my role, to help people find their dream job, whether with us or not.

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Posted in Blog, Our people and tagged CV, Experts, Human Resources, Interview, Job.