illustration our people dyonisis karapanos

Our People - Dionysis Karapanos - Club Manager Holmes Place Glyfada

Dionysis Karapanos, Club Manager @Holmes Place Glyfada in Greece, shares his passion for a well-balanced life. Family, career and an active lifestyle... here is his story:

Our People – Sean Turner

Being CMO of an international company means always striving to be on top of the wave. And Sean Turner – Holmes Place Group Chief Marketing Officer – is passionate about surfing. This is his way of enjoying the journey.
Illustration yoga Rosela Ciko | Holmes Place

Our People – Rosela Ciko - Yoga Instructor Holmes Place Poland

Rosela Ciko is passionate about yoga, harmony, balance, beauty and truth. Sharing her passion with other's has led her journey from India to Holmes place. Be inspired
Holmes Place | Elisabeth Smith

Our People - Elisabeth Smith

Elisabeth Smith writes since she was very young. Her hobby became part of her daily life. She envisions herself combining her work as a nutritionist with her passion to write. This is her story:
Holmes Place | Aristotelis Georgopoulos

Our People - Aristotelis Georgopoulos

Aristotelis Georgopoulos is passionate about basketball and education. He combines the teachings of both and uses Aristotle's philosophy to mentor members and team members. This is how he does it.
Holmes Place | Woman Illustration Holding Salad

Our People - Angelika Elsik

Angelika Elsik is passionate about healthy eating as that is the ‘main dish’ that fuels our lives. In her journey as Holmes Place Austria Nutrition Coordinator, she has helped members reach the peak of their health through eating right, and that is simply ‘delicious’. Be inspired.
Holmes Place | Woman Illustration Holding Bread

Our People - Ana Rita Rosa

Ana Rita Rosa plays a key role in Holmes Place Portugal Membership Administration team. She's truly a people’s person that shows her carefulness through her solidarity work. Her passion is to help others since that's what makes the journey worthwhile. Be inspired.

Our People – Ian Turley

Ian Turley – COO Holmes Place Germany – is passionate about cycling. Be it just for fun or to support charities and special causes, there always seem to be great reasons to start pedaling.

Our People – Europe Kakogiannaki

Europe Kakogiannaki is a Fitness, Gym Manager and Pool Instructor at Holmes Place since 2002. Her experience helped her discover that she’s passionate about helping people improve their swimming technique – “it makes me feel grateful”, she adds. Ready to dive with us in this journey? Feel inspired!

Our People – Meritxell Siré

The search for happiness dictates this amazing journey where (professional) Water Polo is king. Meritxell Siré, Holmes Place Group Training Support, is proof that life may stir us away from our passions… but, sooner or later, they’ll find their way back into our days.

Our People – Jonathan Fisher

This is the first of our ‘Our People’ stories, a portrait of the passions that move the incredible people that work at Holmes Place. Be inspired.

Our People – Araceli Escobedo

Araceli Escobedo – Holmes Place Brand Manager – can be described as a passionate person. She’s enthusiastic about a healthy lifestyle and both delicious and nutritious food are a fundamental part of it. Open your appetite for some ‘healthy eating’ motivation. Be inspired!

Our People – Chris Cooper

Chris Cooper is passionate about running but he finds room in his journey to make sure the purpose of the run is bigger than just coming in first. With incredible projects like ‘Runners Heal’, he proves that every step counts in this journey.
Daniel Kulikowski illustration | Holmes Place

Our People - Daniel Kulikowski -

Daniel Kulikowski is passionate about sports, food, and life. From martial arts to vegetarian cuisine, his passions led him to find at Holmes Place the perfect location to embrace it all. Be inspired.
Holmes Place | Our People Marcin Markiewicz

Our People - Marcin Markiewicz - Personal Trainer

Marcin Markiewicz is the ultimate example of someone who can't say no to a challenge. This is his story:
Holmes Place | Illustration Man lifting weight

Our People - Michał Zieliński

Michał Zieliński is passionate about football and working out. Focusing on strength training helps him in his football game and to achieve the desired ‘goals’. This is how he scores:
Holmes Place | Swim Instructor Illustration

Our People - Sotiris Pastras

Working as a pool instructor in Holmes Place Greece, Sotiris Pastras uncovered the perfect environment to do what he loves best: help others progress and build a community around meaningful solidarity causes. Be inspired.

Our People – Aneta Nikodemska

Aneta Nikodemska is a Gym Manager & Fitness Instructor at Holmes Place Poland. Her passion is finding a way to improve people’s lives, leading everyone towards happiness and well-being in a healthy lifestyle. Be inspired.

Our People – Matteo Cerruti

Having been passionate about sports and exercise since he was little, it was no surprise when Matteo Cerruti, Holmes Place Group Exercise Director, started teaching group classes with only sixteen years old. “I knew that that was what I wanted to do”, he adds. This is Matteo’s story. Ready to dance?

Our People – Ellie Flenga

After swimming across the British Channel and running a marathon, Ellie Flenga, Holmes Place CEO for Greece and Poland, keeps on being a true inspiration. A journey filled with the promise of incredibly daring challenges ahead, including an Olympic distance triathlon. This is a story of a passion for progress.

Our People – Larissa Araújo

HR Director and CEO of Holmes Place Austria, Larissa Araújo embodies the ‘enjoy the journey’ motto of the company. And this means time to embrace long found passions, like beach volleyball. Be inspired.
Holmes Place | Office Illustration

How to create a CV - Holmes Place Human Resources - expert interview

How to create and structure a CV for a job application. Interview with Holmes Place Recruitment expert Nicki Kelly with Barcelona Metropolitan.