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Extreme weight fluctuations explained: 3 key reasons your weight goes up & down

Are the numbers on your scale constantly yoyoing? It’s more common than you think - here’s why it happens and how to prevent it.
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The power of power-napping & how to do it properly

Power-nap! Should you be napping? A short afternoon snooze is like hitting the reset button in your brain - science says so. Here’s why we should all be closing our eyes during the day...
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How do I stay fit as I get older? 5 tips to keep in shape as you age

Our bodies need extra care to stay fit and healthy as we get older. Put the odds in your favour by starting now - this handful of tips will ensure you’re aging in top shape.
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Countdown for summer – Full-Body Workout to get you ready

Spring is already here and you know what that means: summer is just around the corner. Follow this full-body summer workout to get ready for it.
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How to stop yourself from feeling hungry

Can’t stop thinking about your next meal? Your body could be crying out for many other things. Here are some key factors that have us racing to the fridge.
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Stop, think, breathe: Why the best way to maintain a busy lifestyle is meditation

Stress. It’s a completely normal thing, that happens to completely normal people. But that doesn’t mean you should accept it.
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5 perfect Valentine's gifts for fitness lovers

Nothing says “I love you” like a new gadget, workout experience or muscle-melting massage. Here are this year’s best Valentine’s Day gifts for fit-and-funky partners.
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4 bad habits to wipe out in the first month of 2018

We all know the importance of breaking bad habits - you don’t need us to tell you. But when new year’s resolutions are thrown around, they’re only words until you action them - and that can often be the hardest part.
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From yogis to powerlifters: the best gifts for sporty types this Christmas

From yoga to weight-lifting, these are our 5 top gifts for fitness lovers this Christmas.
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The 5 exercises that can literally save your life

From swimming to circuit training, these 5 exercises can literally save your life.
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6 best gadgets for your workout: For strength, motivation and data driven results

The 6 best gadgets for your workout are here. And it’s time to try them.
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Can exercise help you get (and keep) a better job?

Thinking about the value of exercise, we tend to concentrate on the several well-known and recognized physical benefits, such as cardiovascular health, diabetes, or weight control. But what if a better job is also among the benefits?
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Better Than Yesterday - Win a €800 premium package

Better Than Yesterday: Win a Holmes Place package worth €800 - membership and personal training sessions that will make every tomorrow even better than yesterday.
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Sports activities for kids: what sport is best for your child?

Sports activities for kids: what sport is best for your child? Here are the 3 activities your kids should be doing this school year.
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The power of posture: 3 exercises for instant sex appeal

Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that make us feel sexier. Confidence, eating well, de-stressing and a great posture.
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Top 6 worst eating mistakes you’re making

Eating less, eating healthy...but not seeing results? Stop making these 6 common mistakes
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Food vs mood: how what we eat impacts how we feel

How do certain foods impact your mood and fitness regime? Here’s what you need to know.
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Testosterone - Everything you always wanted to know

What it is and what it does? Too high? Too low? Here’s what you need to know about testosterone to keep your hormonal health in check
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Fasting: 4 benefits & how often you should do it

Stuck in a diet rut? Why you should try intermittent fasting for weight-loss, fitness & health.
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Miracle foods: 7 latest trends for beauty and health

Trends keep changing and we keep up. Here are the ultimate miracle foods and what they promise to do for your health and beauty.
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6 common beach injuries – how to prevent and treat them

Beach emergency! 6 most common incidents and what you must know. A short essential guide by MD Thordis Berger
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3 things you need to know before using a sauna, Turkish bath or Jacuzzi in summer

3 tips for using a sauna, Turkish bath or Jacuzzi in summer
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Stop smoking today: the non-smoker's guide to success

Quit smoking is a resolution to take seriously. We’ve gathered some tips that can help you in this journey to become healthier.
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Big Little Lies – Interview with Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman in an interview about Big Little Lies. 3 women, 3 life stories that prove a point: “There is no perfect life. People try to survive”.
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7 low-calorie, deliciously healthy desserts

What if we told you that these indulging desserts are actually good for you (and low in calories)?
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How to find your perfect sports bra

Wearing the right sports bra can make all the difference to your workouts and body. Here are 5 tips to help you select your perfect sports bra.
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How to get kids away from technology & active this summer

Teens and screens are one of the biggest challenges parents face today. Here’s how to encourage youngsters to put down the smartphone and move more.
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Four ways to find your inner peace

From breathing correctly to changing negative habits, these four tips can help you slow down, live longer and inject happier into your life.
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What Exercises Can People With Heart Conditions Do?

Just like any other muscle, also your heart needs physical activity to help keep it in good condition. Suffering from a heart condition is no contraindication for physical activity.
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Forever young? How keeping active can reduce the signs of aging

Aging. Unfortunately, until we find that elusive fountain of youth (which we’re still holding out hope for), growing older is here to stay.
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Life changing moments that lead ordinary people to a healthier lifestyle

We all know ways we can improve our lifestyle. Moving more, eating well, getting more sleep and keeping stress to a minimum. You can make these simple changes at any time in your life, all you need is a little motivation.
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Exercise is good for you - but how much is enough?

It lessens your chance of illnesses such as heart disease, strokes and cancer by up to 50%.
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3 realistic new habits for January to make 2018 your best year yet

Eat well, feel well, move more. It doesn’t happen overnight. Start slowly with our three realistic goals for the first month of 2018.
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6 ways to deal with menopause symptoms

The menopause. For some women, it causes no problems - for others, it’s a nightmare. However, you find it physically and emotionally, the period when menstruation ceases is a natural part of every woman’s life.
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The pros and cons of Detox Plans

Detox diets are popular dieting strategies that claim to facilitate toxin elimination and weight loss, thereby promoting health and well-being. However, it is not entirely clear how they do this, what they’re supposed to eliminate and if they actually work.
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Replace sugar with cinnamon? 6 incredible things that happen when you do

What happens when you replace sugar with cinnamon? The results can be incredible. Here are 6 changes you can expect to see.
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These are the 5 ways to implement a new routine in your life

Starting a new routine is not easy but there a ways to ease up this transition.
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Beauty on the inside: how to help your kids survive peer pressure

Leading your kids by example will be essential to mitigate the peer pressure that comes with growing.
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How to make your 3 best DIY post-workout drinks

We’ve got the best DIY recovery smoothies for every kind of workout. Be it for weight loss or focused on muscle mass, here are the perfect recipes.
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Special Interview Julianne Moore - beauty, glamour and quietude

Special Interview Julianne Moore - "When I see people do extraordinary things I think: How did they do that?"
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5 easy DIY beauty treatments - for before, during and after the beach

From hair removal to after sun, try these 5 DIY beauty treatments next time you head to the beach.
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Special Interview Anne Hathaway - Life, work and a 'Colossal' workout plan

Special Interview Anne Hathaway - "If I had to give it up tomorrow, I've had such a fun run. I've really had some wonders in my time."
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Keep the gym this summer: 9 reasons you shouldn’t ditch the club

Considering suspending the gym membership for the summertime? Here are 9 reasons to pack that sports bag when it's hot outside.
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Low-cost gyms: Are they really a good idea?

Is paying less for a gym membership really worth it?
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Healthy or Slim? Why being healthy is more important than being slim

Slim does not mean happy - healthy does. Why do we still focus on weight and what we need to do now.
Holmes Place | Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek Interview: On love and growing old gracefully

“I am very, very, lucky because I found love”. Read the full interview with Salma Hayek plus how she stays fit and what you too can do.
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6 ways to become a better runner

You’ve started, you’re enjoying it and now you want to take it to the next level? Here are our special tips to help you become a better runner.
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Counting calories? Not your best maths

Counting calories? Not your best math. Here is why not all calories are the same.
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The benefits of being beautiful: does looking good help you get ahead?

We explore the benefits of being beautiful, the unfair results of being attractive and how to make looking good work to your advantage!
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Your Ideal Weight and How to Calculate It

What is your ideal weight? MD Thordis Berger helps us do the math on the most common calculators.