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Uncooked - unprocessed food. 7 Delicious, fresh and light recipes to enjoy all year long. Join our raw month and try them now.

Imagine going back to basics in harmony with what nature offers us and finding balance and energy like the first humans did, way before the industrialisation of the world. Starting a raw food diet, be it in a short detox period or has part of a new lifestyle, is all about making sure no processed, cooked or otherwise altered food finds its way on to your dish. It’s a great way to get back to the essentials and consider the first, most pure forms of feeding our bodies.

With this Raw Food ebook you'll get seven incredible recipes, savoury and sweet, that will nurture and promote your wellbeing.

Your recipes in this guide:

1.summer gazpacho

2.raw carrot cake

3.raspberry & coconut ice-cream

4.raw zucchini pasta

5.strawberry, raspberry & goji smoothie

6.summer rolls

7.instant banana, coconut & vanilla bean ice-cream

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In this raw introduction to raw food we’ll be serving some delicious recipe ideas and an infographic with the fundamental ingredients to take directly from the field and straight home with you. So check our website and reach out to us if you need further nutrition ideas and tips.

Posted in Nutrition and tagged Recipes, Nutrition , Eat Well, Lifestyle, Diet.