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Altan Enginalev, Chief Operating Officer in Austria, leads us through his journey. Engineering was his first passion, but it's not rocket science to see that he's an accomplished man looking to make the most out of life. Be inspired.

What is your passion and what do you love about it?

The path to happiness is through experiences. Not only do they have a lasting impact, but they can also even increase in value over time. Therefore, my passion in life is to make it one full of experiences and learnings. I have switched careers many times, kept continually moving to new places, travelled frequently, and always remained hungry for growth and experiences - a great source of joy and purpose in my life.

How did you begin and what stands-out in your journey?

I began as a “rocket engineer”, at 14 and without a degree, but with much passion for the topic. Eventually, I was accepted at a premier mechanical engineering program to pursue my interests. However, there has been one theme that has been part of my whole journey: re-evaluate your decisions when new information becomes available. This re-evaluation could also be a shift in priorities or circumstances. This has led me away from engineering into many other fields, and I have enjoyed my rich and colourful journey with all its turns and twists to becoming a part of the Holmes Place family. Here I was enabled to support teams and members alike in their pursuit of growth and experiences.

What are your next goals?

I have been fortunate with the development opportunities within Holmes Place and am looking forward to a new role in the new year with many new opportunities for growth and experiences. Besides, as a personal and academic goal, I also have a doctorate in mind within the next four years. 

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Posted in Our people and tagged Our People, Interview, Lifestyle, Austria.