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Araceli Escobedo – Holmes Place Brand Manager – can be described as a passionate person. She’s enthusiastic about a healthy lifestyle and both delicious and nutritious food are a fundamental part of it. Open your appetite for some ‘healthy eating’ motivation. Be inspired!

What is your passion and what do you love about it?

My passion is to live a green lifestyle with my family. We do this by combining eating clean, using only toxin-free cosmetic products, enjoying family outdoor activities and practising regular exercise.

Eating clean makes me feel good, energized and helps bring clarity to my mind and soul. I love preparing healthy breakfasts in the morning so that we all can start the day feeling exceptional. Buying organic food and trying new healthy recipes to cook as clean as I can is also one of my favourite hobbies. It’s especially important for kids since I believe that our habits will have a major influence on their future choices.

Regarding toxin-free cosmetic products, it’s important to understand that our skin can absorb more than 60% of what we put in it. Right now, I am in a transition period and starting to use only clean and non-toxic beauty products.

As a family, we also love doing outdoor activities like trekking or skiing. Personally, I also enjoy doing exercise. I like to change activities so that I never get bored. Holmes Place has helped me a lot with this, as we have new classes and activities quite often, that keeps me on track and makes everything more fun. My favourite mix now is running, HIIT Training, Yoga and Made in Brazil. Above all, I enjoy the feeling I get afterwards.

How did you begin and what stands-out in your journey?

I think I always had a good relationship with exercise. Since I was a child I remember going to the pool, or to Hawaiian dance, ballet or jazz classes. I have been in Holmes Place since 2004, and as time goes on I am more interested in hearing the advice from my colleagues and trying new classes while having fun. I have been inspired by lots of my colleagues that achieve their goals and share it with all of us. These experiences combined helped to become more conscious about taking care of my health.

What are your next goals?

First of all, keeping the green life and of course trying to inspire as many people as possible! I always say that this is by far the best industry because we are working every day for something that makes a real impact in people’s lives.

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Posted in Our people and tagged our people, human resources.