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Cláudia Lima, Holmes Place Portugal's Digital Marketing Coordinator, guides us through her three dearest passions. Uncover the journey that led her to find what she loves the most here.

How did you begin and what stands out in your journey?

I was quite young, now that I recall. It was in one summer vacation; I was sixteen years old, and since then I never stopped working. Later I took a management course and spent two years working for a bank. However, I knew deep down that that wouldn't be my future. It was during the time that I was studying management that I realised that marketing was my passion.


Following my time at the bank, I was a marketing intern for a publisher. I ended up becoming the marketing director there. It was, without a doubt, my most significant professional achievement. There I was, not even thirty years old yet, and already in charge of a company's marketing.


I did the same in two different companies, lived in Barcelona, managed teams in Portugal and Spain, and I have always reached the goals that companies set for me. I believe that has to do with my ability to adapt to new situations. And you can see that in my professional path: I worked for a publisher, for a real estate company and now for a chain of premium fitness clubs.


What is your passion and what do you love about it?

I must say that marketing is definitely my passion. The ability to influence people in their decision-making, especially in a world where you have so much to choose from, is what excites me the most. And I love the two sides this area offers: both the creative and analytical parts fascinate me.


Zodiac has a part here, I believe. See, I am Pisces. And I genuinely think the combination of my zodiac sign with my management is flawless.

But enough chat about work, I also want to speak about my two other passions. The first one is, obviously my son. Having a child is a unique experience. They shake our world, and you find out a new way of loving, one you never knew that existed. The second one is the sea. It's my go-to spot when I need to calm down and think before making important decisions.


What are your next goals?

That is a tough question. I achieved some of my career goals sooner than I expected. So, the next few years will be for more learning focused. One thing I know: I want to continue doing marketing. It's a field that I love very much. Will it be forever? Well, probably not. But surely as long as I feel that I can be useful and make the difference, here is where you will find me.

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Posted in Our people and tagged Our People, Interview, Lifestyle, Portugal.