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Daniel Kulikowski illustration | Holmes Place

Daniel Kulikowski is passionate about sports, food, and life. From martial arts to vegetarian cuisine, his passions led him to find at Holmes Place the perfect location to embrace it all. Be inspired.

Daniel Kulikowski - Personal Trainer - Holmes Place Poland

What is your passion and what do you love about it? 

I'm passionate about the human form and all the features of its shape like anatomy, physiology, psychology, sensuality and strength. What moves me the most is the diversity that each person has. 

How did you begin and what stands out in your journey? 

Sports have been an integral part of my life. I played volleyball; I learned martial arts, and how to dance. The funny part is that I have a degree in Engineering. At school, I used to teach mechatronics and pneumatics. When I started working as a personal trainer, sixteen years ago, I knew that I would go towards health-oriented training. That's the result of mine instruction. Nowadays, I'm a personal trainer, a nutritionist and a masseur. 

What are your next goals?

I divide my next goals into distant and near ones. For now, in addition to helping people to improve daily, I have other plans for personal development towards chiropractic and manual therapies. Furthermore, I want to expand my knowledge about vegetarian cuisine. In a distant future, I see myself living in a beach house.

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Posted in Our people and tagged Interview, Team, Personal Trainer, Lifestyle.