Emili Hernandez - Club Manager - Holmes Place Spain

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Emili Hernandez, Club Manager at Holmes Place Spain, is running the show this week and also running to fulfil his dream: to run the 6 World Marathon Majors. Be inspired!

How did you begin and what stands out in your journey? 

It all started 18 years ago, at Holmes Place, where I began to work as a lifeguard. Since then, things have changed. It's been quite a journey, I must say. You know when people say that they have I've done almost everything in a company? Well, I can say that about myself. Throughout the years I had so many different roles at Holmes Place; I think I've done everything that one can do in a fitness club. One thing was - and still is - consistent in all these years: I always want to give the best possible service to our members. Now, in this role, I do it mostly by inspiring my staff to do the same at Holmes Place Balmes. 

What is your passion and what do you love about it? 

It might sound a bit odd, but my passion is to improve every day. I live in this constant challenge with myself to achieve new goals. I also absolutely love to run: everything in it; from actually running a marathon to the commitment of the training you need to pursue to achieve your goals. It connects with what I said before, you know? This constant challenge I live in to improve, to do better, to raise the bar and to run a faster marathon.

What are your next goals? 

May I confess something? I have a dream. I want to run the 6 World Marathon Majors. And I'm doing everything I can to accomplish it. I have already been to Berlin and next October I'll make my debut in the Chicago Marathon! I'm so excited about this experience. Also, if you think about it, there are only four marathons to go: Boston, London, New York and Tokyo. It should be easy. 

Posted in Our people and tagged Our People, Interview, Lifestyle, Spain, Running, Marathon.