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Holmes Place | Our People Marcin Markiewicz

Marcin Markiewicz is the ultimate example of someone who can't say no to a challenge. This is his story:

Marcin Markiewicz - Personal Trainer at Holmes Place Marriott Warsaw

What is your passion and what do you love about it?

My job is my passion. I'm just lucky to make money doing what I love: being physically active. I started my journey doing Calisthenics, something that I still love doing. I also swim, run marathons and ultramarathons, I do mountain running and steeplechase, cycling, martial arts (karate Kyokushin, Box, Combat and Kickboxing). And I also enrol in different circuit competition like IronMan, Everest Run or Bieg 7 Dolin.

Doing what I love allows me to motivate others to change their own lives. This way, they become better and healthier. When I enter some competition, I often encourage others to join me. That always gives them a boost of motivation. After completing the challenge, they feel the weight of the medal on their necks. That's when I know that they don’t need me to motivate them anymore. You can see them just grow with self-confidence. When they feel the changes in their lives, they share with their friends. And that motivates their friends also to seek change. It's a snowball effect. And it's one of the numerous reasons why I love my job.

How did you begin and what stands out in your journey?

My journey began 17 years ago. Growing up, I was obsessed with the Arnold Schwarzenegger's films. All I wanted was to look just like him: big, solid and strong.

I started the weight training when I was 14 years old. Only a year after, I was already entering powerlifting competitions. My life records include 220kg on Bench Press, 280kg Squats and 260kg Deadlifts. After several years of weight training, I incorporated running into my activities (half marathons, marathons and ultra marathons). I also challenged myself with martial arts, steeplechase (different arts and distances), or the so-called Everest Run, a 24h tower running challenge that it's like climbing the Everest itself.

After completing Korona Maratonów Polskich and other five marathons in just 24 months, I took on a new challenge – triathlon. I still remember the exact date of my first triathlon experience: August 16th, 2015. There, I completed my first half IronMan distance. I entered some more competitions with the same distance. When it wasn’t a challenge for me anymore, I started preparing myself for a full IronMan distance (3,8 km of swimming + 180 km of cycling + 42,195 km of running). In June 2017, I managed to complete the IronMan in Poznań (within 14h 34min).

Every time I start a competition, I not only challenge myself but I also get away from it all. I just feel rewarded for the time spent on training. I use this quote for motivation: “being in doubt killed more dreams than being defeated.”

What are your next goals?

When I completed all of these challenges that once seemed to be impossible, I want to resume my martial arts training and step into the ring to show my best there. Asides from sports, I also plan to do something very different next year. It may actually be even more challenging: I want a PhD in Physiotherapy. I have been motivating everyone for years. Every activity that I challenge myself with inspires them and this is my biggest and most precious reward.

There's always a quote on my mind: "don’t lower your goals to match your abilities. Raise your abilities to match your goals.”

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