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Michał Zieliński is passionate about football and working out. Focusing on strength training helps him in his football game and to achieve the desired ‘goals’. This is how he scores:

Michał Zieliński - Regional Fitness Manager Poland

What is your passion and what do you love about it

My favourite saying goes: “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”. I always strive to be the best because even if we don’t reach it, we may still end up being great. My passion is spending time with people and getting to know them.

I love spending time with people who entertain me and motivate me to be more attentive. Spending time with positive people gives us a longer life.

How did you begin and what stands-out in your journey?

When I was 10 I started playing football. And I kept it up for 15 years. I decided to stop playing after I completed a degree at the Academy of Physical Education. Then I started my adventure with the gym, which I will continue for a very long time. Working at the gym gave me a lot of experience and strength.

What are your next goals?

This year I decided to go back to playing football to feel the competition and the spirit of the team again. My strength training experience is very helpful in football.

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Posted in Our people and tagged Our People, Interview, Human Resources.