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Yoga Mornings – Playlist

Easy like a Sunday morning... every day. “Sounds like” a soft awakening and the beginning of a wonderful day with our Yoga Mornings-Playlist.
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The rise and shine playlist to boost your energy

The rise and shine playlist. Now that spring has arrived, nothing can beat this warming sounds that will join you while you workout.
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Romantic songs for a workout for two - a Valentine's playlist

Every day we witness the same routine: across all our gyms, people hit our health club and perform the workouts and classes of their choice.
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Bike Ride Playlist - The Best iCycle Tunes for your Ride

Bike Ride Playlist: These cycling tunes will uplift your spirit in your next ride. All the motivation to pedal away & all the rhythm to help you set the pace.
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A playlist to inspire your return to routine - start the new season 'on the right track'

The perfect sound track for your return to routine is here. Don’t miss the inspiration.
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Beach Running - Playlist

Running on sand can be an amazing experience; with our playlist you can take it to the next level. Feel the motivation.
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Early Morning Workout Playlist

The right beat for your early morning workout is now playing. Follow the rhythm and start your day the best way.
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Your ultimate Made in Brazil rhythms

Our Made in Brazil playlist is the perfect motivation for the 30-minute high intensity class, designed to tone and shape legs and bottom. Now you can enjoy-it right in your living-room.
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Late Night Running Summer Playlist

There is nothing like enjoying a summer night’s breeze with a liberating run. This is the soundtrack to make the feeling last.
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The ultimate Easter egg soundtrack - hidden tracks that became hits

We made an entirely different Easter egg hunt this year. Instead of real eggs, we found the hidden gems in the music industry that will pump your workout.
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It’s a New Year, it’s a new you, it’s a new soundtrack for your workout

And without you even noticing it, 2018 has arrived
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Music with a beat – a heart beat - A playlist for your cardio circuit

Returning from holidays isn’t easy but with the right set of mind, we’ll make it. It’s time to get back to your healthier routines. Time to get back to the gym, resume exercising, get the heart pumping and enjoy the active lifestyle you love.
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Late Afternoon Pilates Playlist - soothing and calm workout

A late afternoon Pilates session is the perfect way to chill down after a warm sunny day. Feel the mood with our special playlist and enjoy your workout.
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Swimming Playlist - Get your waterproof headphones and dive in

Swimming is one of our favourite summer activities. Here is our playlist choice for an energy-filled swimming experience. Dive into the perfect mood.
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Trail Running Playlist: the right tracks for your trail

Trail is a very demanding activity that brings you closer to nature and allows you the time to find yourself, test your limits and uncover new perspectives. We've prepared the sound-track to inspire your trail experience.
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Let’s Dance – Euphoria Playlist - get ready for Carnival

The perfect playlist inspired by our dance classes that will get you ready to celebrate Carnaval. Can we have this dance?