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Four ways to find your inner peace

From breathing correctly to changing negative habits, these four tips can help you slow down, live longer and inject happier into your life.
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Back pain? Stretch it out with these 3 feel-good exercises

Back pain is one of the leading causes of disability and can be a huge burden on those suffering from this condition.
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Self-massage tips that will make you feel better instantly

When everything hurts, a massage can make you feel brand new. But we don’t always have the time to book in for a massage session, so we’ve rounded up some of the ways you can relieve common aches and pains yourself.
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Beauty on the inside: how to help your kids survive peer pressure

Leading your kids by example will be essential to mitigate the peer pressure that comes with growing.
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3 things you need to know before using a sauna, Turkish bath or Jacuzzi in summer

3 tips for using a sauna, Turkish bath or Jacuzzi in summer
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The benefits of being beautiful: does looking good help you get ahead?

We explore the benefits of being beautiful, the unfair results of being attractive and how to make looking good work to your advantage!
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Prepare for Summer: 10 Ways to Prepare Your Mind, Body and Soul

10 ways to prepare your mind, body and soul for the summer season ahead. Top tips to come out of hibernation and spring into summer.
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Try these spa treatments if you really want a lean body

The ultimate Spa treatments that can help you get a learner body.
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How massages can help reduce cellulite

Cellulite can be every woman’s arch nemesis. Here are the massages to tackle it - and how they work
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Can meditation help you lose weight?

Through relaxation and meditation, the body’s circuitry rewires itself, which works hand-in-hand to help develop healthier eating habits and behaviours.
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How to lose excess weight?

How to lose excess weight - 4 fundamental things you need to reduce body fat and keep your fitness and wellbeing levels at their best.
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Beauty tips: Hair loss or stressed-out nails?

Beauty tips: Hair loss and soft or cracking nails can be natural in the changing seasons but here is what you can do.
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Read this and learn how to banish anxiety for good

Everyone gets anxious from time to time.
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Ayurvedic sleep: The benefits for work, rest and play

The holistic view is based on the belief that harmony is key to achieving good health and contentment. This harmony can only be obtained when you have a balanced lifestyle of rest, work and play.
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10 healthy choices you have to make today

The choices you make impact your life and the way you feel. 10 life changes that improve your health and happiness and help you enjoy the journey.
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Three key differences between a sauna and a Turkish bath

They’re two of the oldest spa treatments around. They’re also both steam based, and were each designed to help you cleanse and purify your body. Sounding pretty similar so far, right?
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New year, new beginnings: how to set and commit to the best goals

Sometimes, we spend longer planning a holiday than we do our lives. Whether, deep down, we desperately wish to lose weight, increase energy levels, or boost our confidence - many of us simply don’t devote enough time to planning our goal and planning to live life the way we want it.
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These are the 5 ways to implement a new routine in your life

Starting a new routine is not easy but there a ways to ease up this transition.
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5 easy DIY beauty treatments - for before, during and after the beach

From hair removal to after sun, try these 5 DIY beauty treatments next time you head to the beach.
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Vitamin D is your best friend. Here is why a bit of sunshine is good for you

What’s the big deal with vitamin D? Here’s why the sunshine vitamin is essential for boosting your mind, body and soul.
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5 European Yoga Retreats to travel to this holiday

In need of a vacation that will revive and refresh you? Check-in to one of these 5 amazing European yoga retreats.
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3 ways to include meditation in your daily schedule

Need to reduce anxiety and stress, be more present and have control over your emotions?
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4 beauty spring clean ideas you can do at home

It’s Beauty Spring cleaning time! 4 seasonal treatments and how you can do them at home. From exfoliating, to face and hair masks, here are your simple and natural beauty tricks.
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New Year's resolution: alternative to the popular lose weight

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Sweating: when is it too much and what you can do about it?

Feeling sweaty? Sweating is a necessary bodily process that cools down our body. Here’s when it’s too much - and how you can control it.
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Indoor Running – The Pros and Cons

Winter is almost upon us, and unfortunately, that may mean that outdoor workouts will soon be a thing of the past, that is, at least until the weather warms back up again next year.
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Finished your workout now what: Sauna or Jacuzzi?

Sauna and jacuzzi: What to chose after your workout? How they work, all the benefits and what happens to your body when you indulge in the heat
Holmes Place | woman indoor yoga mat floor exercise

5 ways to exercise and strengthen your memory

Research shows that exercising strengthens memory and thinking skills. 5 workout tips to boost your brain and improve your memory.
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How to enjoy the dry sauna (without drying out your hair)

How to benefit from dry sauna and turkish bath without the risks of drying or damaging your hair due to heat exposure in 3 easy steps.
Holmes Place | CEO Jonathan Fisher meditation innovation

Innovation through Meditation by Jonathan Fisher

The role of meditation leading innovation in the wellness and fitness industry by Holmes Place Group CEO