How to enjoy the dry sauna (without drying out your hair)

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How to benefit from dry sauna and turkish bath without the risks of drying or damaging your hair due to heat exposure in 3 easy steps.

The indulging dry sauna and steamy Turkish bath does wonders for your skin and well being; but they can merciless on your hair, leaving it dry and frizzy.

Fear not; you can prevent the damage without avoiding, or reducing the time spent doing these relaxing activities, if you follow our simple tips on how to keep your hair safe from dryness.

Here is what you should take into consideration when deciding between sauna, Turkish bath or jacuzzi.

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#1 Take cover

Wrapping a towel around your head is more than just aesthetics; it’s the best known way to prevent the heat reaching your hair in it’s full power and drying it out.

Covering your hair will keep it moist and avoid dehydration. Not as comfy (but just as functional) is a shower or bathing cap, preferably made from fabric rather than plastic.

#2 Products

A silicone-based hair serum is easy to apply and will keep the cells intact, saving them from external aggressions. Apply a small amount to your palm, rub your hands together and spread evenly - you can avoid applying the product to the scalp and roots if you feel your hair is becoming too flat or greasy.

Afterwards, when showering, apply a mask or conditioner and leave it on for three to five minutes. Rinse thoroughly with the water temperature as low as possible, as cold water will smooth the scales and protect the integrity of the follicles.

#3 Time it

Always follow the times indicated and stay for no longer than 15 to 20 minutes.

Longer periods will risk causing dehydration - even if you do follow the protection tips.

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Posted in Wellness and tagged Beauty, Lifestyle, Wellness, Sauna, Hair.