The best classes to master your favourite Winter Olympics sport

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Holmes Place | Two Snowboarders

Starting today, all eyes of sports fans around the world are on Pyeongchang for this years' edition of the Winter Olympics.

This South Korean city is known for its cold but with clear blue skies winter and it's hosting this years' edition of the Winter Olympics.

As fans of this event, we would like to ask you: do you have what it takes to go to the Winter Olympics? Bear in mind that Olympic athletes train exhaustively each day to refine the force and skills needed to excel in each sport.

Here's the ultimate list of classes you should attend to master your favourite Winter Olympics sport.


Biathlon is basically cross-country skiing with marksmanship. Races vary in length from 10 to 20 kilometres, with pauses to target-shoot. We can help you improve your cardio training, for sure but the target-shooting part is your responsibility.

Biathletes have an extremely high cardiovascular condition. That’s where you should be focused on. Unlike other sports, they don’t need explosive strength our jumping skills. That is why our suggestion for you to emulate biathlete training is our Functional Training class.


Bobsleighing demands one to be not only really fast but also super strong, in order to be able to push a heavy bobsleigh up to 50 meters. And it makes sense: first of all, you need the power to push it forward and all the speed gathered at the top of the track translates into a faster slide to the bottom, so every millisecond counts.

That is why we suggest a power combo for this one: for strength, enrol in our Body Pump classes and combine it with our Running classes.

Cross-Country Skiing

Like the biathletes who cross-country ski as part of their event, cross-country skiers have excellent endurance. Men's events can be as long as 50 km, and women's 30 km. This requires that these athletes have a maximal aerobic capacity.

Ready to become an aerobic god like these athletes? Time to try our X-Celerate classes then.

Figure Skating

This is that kind of sport that has it all. Figure skating athletes need to be strong for those jumps, endurance for all the program, and flexible to make those turns and spins that never fail to amaze us. Key attributes: running speed and jumping capacity.

That is why we recommend you our Air Fit class: a high-intensity workout that uses a mini-trampoline to help you bounce your way to cardiovascular fitness.

Speed Skating

Olympic speed skating comes in both long-and short-track events. This might not seem important, but it's, in fact, crucial to determining whether these athletes should focus more on speed or endurance. They need the muscular strength for fast push-offs, and flexibility to get into their starting position.

That is why we recommend you to focus on your lower body through a combination of aerobics and cardio. That is also why BodyStep is the way to go.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Le pièce de resistance. These are probably the two most beloved sports in Winter Olympic. But unlike what may look through the TV, this is not a stroll down the mountain. The fitness that skiers and snowboarders need have a wide range and relies on the type of the event, but the common denominator for all of them is the strength, coordination and balance. BodyBalance is the perfect class to improve all these skills.

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Posted in Fitness and tagged Fitness, Fitness Classes, Winter Olympics.