Better Than Yesterday - Win a €800 premium package

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Better Than Yesterday: Win a Holmes Place package worth €800 - membership and personal training sessions that will make every tomorrow even better than yesterday.

Better Than Yesterday - Our journey may have many different goals but we all want every day to be better than yesterday.

In each of the 3 draws of our contest, 3 lucky winners will get an exclusive package of membership and personal training sessions worth €800. This prize will support their decision to embrace a healthy lifestyle and encourage their journey in the pursuit of their goals.

Losing weight, feeling healthier, eating better, gaining muscle mass, increasing endurance, having an active lifestyle… everyone has a different goal, but there is one place where everyone can reach them together. You’ve guessed it! At Holmes Place, everyone can find the support, the expertise and the facilities they need.

“Better than yesterday”

This is more than a wish to progress; it is the understanding that life is a journey that should be lived to its fullest and aligned with our vision. On the path of happiness, every step counts. Every day is a chance to thrive and to steer toward our goals. Every day leads us toward an amazing tomorrow, built from incredible today. All it takes is the first step and the decision to try.

Our contest aims to support each individual decision to ‘live the life you want’, and not just for the final winners. Everyone who enters wins a free day trial to see the potential of Holmes Place as part of their lives, where this journey of wellbeing, balance and happiness can take place.

Our lucky winners will be selected by There will be a total of 9 winners per country (3 winners per draw) throughout the entire competition.

To take part and get a chance to win, if you haven’t done so yet, please sign-up here.

Posted in Fitness, Lifestyle and tagged Better Than Yesterday, Lifestyle.