Virtual reality and exercise

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You might think of virtual reality as being an offshoot of the video game industry, but in fact, it's promising to transform the fitness world, too.

From personal training to treadmill features that make you feel like you're running in the streets of Tokyo. Virtual reality is going to make working out more fun -- and more effective.

Immersive Fitness

Some experts are calling the trend of using virtual reality technology in exercise "immersive fitness". One good example to understand the power of immersive fitness is considering cycling classes. Imagine a class that take place in rooms where the walls are covered in projectors or screens. On the massive projector screens, there is a landscape rolling by. The 3D images make you feel as though you really are speeding down the streets or Peru: The landscape showing a moving scenario that really has us pushing to make it to the top of a mountain. All the while, remaining in the comfort of an air conditioned Club. Plus with the benefits o having the trainer offering guidance to keep everyone motivated.

Immersive fitness feels like being dropped into a 3D movie. We become so focused and involved by the scenery that we might even forget we're working out. Pedalling harder to get up a hill or bracing ourselves for a tight turn, things are simply more interesting. The class becomes an adventure.

Other Forms of Virtual Reality

In addition to fitness classes in front of 3D projectors, there are smaller ways to integrate virtual reality into a fitness routine. Headsets like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift integrate with apps on the computer to transform the workout into a virtual reality experience. Just imagine that we can hop on the elliptical and feel like we are in a futuristic space voyage running down a neon track, or pretending we are Olympic runners racing around the track in Rio.

The Fitness Benefits of Virtual Reality

While taking part in a virtual training, it's a lot harder to get bored, so it is more likely to stay motivated and on track with workouts. Working out won't feel like a chore; it will feel like a chance to explore something new or play a video game we love.

Virtual reality will also allow Clubs to offer a wider array of fitness classes. Classes can be taught by virtual instructors and take place in front of high-quality projectors with speakers emitting encouraging words and instructions. From dance to yoga, it will be possible to benefit from the group fun while choosing our favourite type of workout and follow along a brand new experience. On our part, we are definitely ready to enjoy the camaraderie of a group fitness class along with the variety and sensory indulgence that comes with the latest technology.

Posted in Fitness, Lifestyle and tagged Active lifestyle, Fitness, Inspiration, Exercise.