Christmas gifts for fitness lovers

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Holmes Place | Woman Working Out

From workout gadgets to gym passes, here are the 5 best gifts for the gym addict in your life this year.

The official time of finding the best Xmas gifts is here once again. The festive season may well be one of indulgence but it’s also the perfect time to encourage some Christmas fitness - especially if you’re buying for a workout fanatic. From your friend at yoga class to your weight-lifting brother, we’ve scoured through the racks of sporty gear and rounded up something to delight everyone.

The gifts of Antigravity

Looking for a unique present? It doesn’t get any more special than this. Holmes Place offers a new kind of aerial yoga class, ‘Antigravity’, which takes the practice into the air using a series of suspended hammocks. It improves posture, prevents injuries and decompresses joints; not to mention its benefits in achieving a peaceful state of mind. (It may not be available in all regions).

Perfect for: Yoga lovers, adventurous friends

Weight-training watch

Got a workout partner but can’t always hit the gym at the same time as them? Designed to be worn while using free weights, body weights or machines in the gym, the Gymwatch is the best techy replacement for a gym buddy. It makes sure you’re working out properly, offering instant audio feedback to help adjust form, grip and pace.

Perfect for: Weightlifters, workout buddies

Stylish workout belt

There’s nothing worse for a runner than having to carry all of the necessary (yet cumbersome) items with us while they’re out. Keys, phone, ID, cash, cards… they either sit in pockets limiting movements or are thrown into a bulky fanny pack. Flipbelt fits everything in one sleek belt that fits snugly to the waist and stretches so you don’t need to find out your giftee’s size before buying.

Perfect for: Runners, hikers

Personal trainer gifts

Give someone the gift of a personal trainer whenever, wherever. Also, with a personalised online workout plan Holmes Place which includes a virtual assessment, one month of workout planning and a free personal training app. You can buy a voucher, pop it in a festive envelope, and present your friend with a tailored workout. (It may not be available in all regions).

Perfect for: People who don’t have time to go to the gym

Calorie-burning clothes

Yes, you read that correctly. Sportswear brand Zaggora invented a clever fabric (which they’ve named ThermoFit™) which uses the body’s heat during exercise to help burn more calories - and science has proved it. This Slimming Hot Top™ not only boasts this magic material, it’s ultra stylish and extremely comfortable.

Perfect for: Anyone who works out

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