10 steps to create a relaxing yoga & meditation retreat at home

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10 steps to create a relaxing yoga & meditation retreat at home, woman doing yoga

Loving yoga at the gym but want to practice at home too? Are you craving your own quiet space and peaceful haven? Follow these 10 steps to create a relaxing yoga and meditation retreat at home.

Got the Zen bug? That yearning for a calming place of tranquility where you can totally switch off and concentrate on nothing but you? In just 10 small steps, you can satisfy your inner Yogi craving and create a relaxing retreat at home.


Ask anyone how they feel after a yoga retreat and they’ll all gush with superlatives: relaxed, calm, enlightened, energised, at one with earth, healthier, agile, soothed. The list goes on.


You sleep like a baby after yoga and meditation sessions - so why wouldn't you want a soul-stirring sanctuary of your own? Here’s how to create a relaxing yoga and meditation retreat at home:


Plan ahead

Decide whether you are going to have your retreat indoors or outdoors. Choose your space carefully, avoiding anywhere close to busy roads or a clanking heating system. Jot down your ideas for the space, paying attention to the smallest of details. This will help prevent distractions during meditation. It helps to plan in your sessions in a diary like any other important event - this way your retreat time won't clash with anything else.


Declutter your space

An empty space is an empty mind. Minimise your surroundings. Do you see piles of laundry and half-empty coffee mugs at your yoga class? Nope. That’s because the environment in which you feel most tranquil is one which is decluttered and free of external factors which can be distracting and/or trip hazards.


Prevent distractions 

By this we mean your loved ones, your children and your animals. Ask family or friends if they can offer childcare or animal-sitting for a period while you take this time for yourself. Imagine trying to meditate with your little ones pestering you for juice and biscuits, or your curious cats clawing at your door just to investigate why you dare to lock them out. It’s not going to work, is it? Don’t feel guilty asking for your own space - in the long run this time will be of benefit to you and your loved ones in the long run.


Set a calm ambience 

This is very important. You want all of your senses to be switched on and tuned in so you feel relaxed and safe, especially if you’re meditating. Think about lighting: have it just as you like it and try adding scented candles, oil burners or incense sticks. Inject calming objects you love into your yoga space, such as fresh plants in earthy vases, windchimes or framed mantras.


Master your music playlist 

Try making a set list of zen/relaxation music. Again, prepare this in advance and keep a log of what music has resonated with you in your powerful cobra pose or spaced-out savasana. Only you can know. If you’re stuck, here’s a yoga morning playlist we created for sunshiney starts.


Get rid of gadgets (or prep them properly) 

Ever been in a meditation class and someone’s phone goes off? There’s nothing like the ‘Crazy Frog’ ringtone to switch your inner calm to outwards annoyance. Make sure your landline is disconnected, mobile phone is on silent and even your fitness tracker isn't timed for an alarm. If you’re using technology for tutorials, set calls and texts to silence (or mute them) and make sure the they’re fully charged - your guided YouTube meditation abruptly coming to an end can hugely disrupt your practice.

10 steps to create a relaxing yoga & meditation retreat at home, woman doing yoga


Dress for comfort 

Can anybody relax if part of their sports attire is wedged into a bodily crevice it shouldn't be? Unlikely. Make sure your clothes are fit for purpose. Nothing too tight or restricting - and nothing which will tousle around in your face while executing those upside-down positions.


Keep your equipment close

Have everything you need for your yoga or meditation practice in close proximity. This includes your yoga bricks, mats, blankets and anything else you need for your sessions.


Nourish the mind and body 

Make sure you aren't carrying out your retreat on an empty stomach, but be mindful not to have a full stomach. Have water nearby so you can hydrate without disrupting your practice too much. If you're turning your home into a retreat for you and others, prepare healthy snacks and refreshing drinks.


Pick your favourite tutorial

Now that you have a soothing space, it’s time to think about the actual sessions. Earmark your yoga tutorial in a yoga book, download some meditation apps, or create a YouTube yoga playlist to work your way through. Don’t lose your inner peace scrolling.


The grand finale of your at-home yoga or meditation session should leave you feeling alleviated, fulfilled, spirited, and like nothing can upset you. See how to reach this nirvana at a Holmes Place yoga class, then recreate it in your own personal retreat.

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