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Everyone gets anxious from time to time.

Whether you’re worried about money, health, work, relationships or familyanxiety can manifest in many ways and negatively impact on your life - not to mention your body.

And while most of us are aware of some de-stressing strategies, if you’re still experiencing a racing heart, trouble sleeping or overthinking the things that don’t matter, you haven’t done all of them.

Here are some effective strategies for overcoming anxiety and leading a happier, healthier life - from mind-body techniques to calming teas. The more you commit to them, the better you’ll feel.

Breathe deeply

This is one of the most powerful ways to flush feelings of anxiety, worry, panic, or dread out from your body - and it’s also one of the simplest. Anxiety always comes with shallow breathing, so next time you’re experiencing this, slow down your breaths and practice a breathing exercise. This one is also great for general relaxation:

  • Sit in a chair with your back straight and your arms on the armrests.
  • Take a deep, slow breath in through your nose lasting close to 5 or 6 seconds, pulling your stomach inwards.
  • Hold this breath for a few seconds, then breathe out slowly through your mouth and relax your stomach, taking around to seven seconds.
  • Repeat 10 times and you’ll find yourself becoming calmer with each breath.

Find out more on the benefits of meditation.

Exercise daily

Anything from a brisk 10 minute work to a full hour of Zumba can massively lower your anxiety. As well as clearing the mind and firing up endorphins, studies have shown that regular aerobic exercise can lower levels of tension, elevate mood, improve sleep, and boost self esteem. Next time you feel yourself getting stressed, head to the gym, go for a run or do some yoga - your body, mind and soul will thank you for it. Here is how to choose the best fitness class for your goals.

Clear out the clutter

Mess causes stress. If we’re feeling cluttered in our homes and our workplaces, we feel cluttered in our mind, too. There are many ways it affects; from being unable to find the car keys and making us late to work to sending signals to our brain that our work is never done. Take charge of your physical clutter and you’ll find yourself feeling much more relaxed day-to-day. Try going through one draw at a time - if you find an item that you don’t use, want or need - get rid of it, recycle it, or donate it. Indulge in a beauty "spring clean" with out natural beauty ideas you can do at home.

Get your sanity sleep

Anxiety and sleep (or the lack of it) go hand-in-hand. You get into a vicious cycle of insomnia and anxiousness: the more you worry about not sleeping, the less you sleep; the less you sleep, the more you worry! But when you’re stressed, your body needs rest. Try to keep to a schedule by going to bed at the same time every night and waking at the same time every morning and don’t look at electronic devices at least half an hour before bedtime. Also, stay away from caffeine and alcohol. If you’re going to drink anything before bed, make it a chamomile tea - it soothes the nervous system and has been shown to have a soothing effect on anxiety symptoms.

Here are 7

Posted in Wellness, Lifestyle and tagged Accumulated Stress, Anti-Stress, Exercise, Healthy Eating, Lifestyle, Live Well, Rest.