Ballet Flow by Holmes Place - Group Class

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Ballet Flow | GROUP CLASS | Holmes Place

Ballet flow is a 45-minute class designed to mix the classical dance inspiration with contemporary fitness. Ideal for prima-ballerinas in the making.

Fell the flow. Move gracefully and get into great shape. This ballet-inspired class will build your strength, conditioning and flexibility. Feel the flow and have fun as you move through the basic conditioning movements of ballet and contemporary dance classes.

Being a prima-ballerina is often a childhood dream. At Holmes Place, we do our best to make sure you reach your dreams and enjoy the journey all the way there. Ballet Flow is a cheerful total body conditioning class filled with energetic songs to set the mood. From stretching and low-intensity movements to the more demanding squats, lunges and rotations you'll find this 45-minute class offers just the right amount of challenge. 

Resistance and strength are worked with the delicate motions of the classical dance. Inspired by the techniques and aesthetics of Ballet this class will allow you to fully enjoy your experience all the while collecting the benefits of an intense full body workout. 

Posted in Fitness and tagged Ballet Flow , group class.