Types of Membership

Can I try out the club before joining?

Yes, we offer that possibility. At Holmes Place, we realize the importance of experiencing the products and services before joining in. So please contact one of our consultants at the club of your interest. After a first meeting with the consultant, feel free to train or relax at our facilities.

Why do I need to join in the short or long term?
Holmes Place is a membership club. We believe that by creating the habit of training several times a week, our members will become more familiar with healthy living. And that will ensure long-term benefits. A change in lifestyle is a process. Otherwise, a particular goal may be ineffective and short run. In addition, we know that our members feel more secure and comfortable with family members around them.
Can I buy a valid subscription for all Holmes Places' Clubs?
Yes, we offer this type of membership. Contact one of our clubs for a specific offer at the regional optional or multi-club worldwide.
Do I need to bring anything to join?
We only need the basic documents, such as proof of identity (identity card or passport) and proof of your bank details (bank statement or proof of electronic payment). If you are part of a company that has an agreement with the club in question, please bring a corporate ID as well.
Is it possible to rent a locker?
Yes. In our changing rooms, there are separate lockers for rent for a specific period of time. Please ask at the club reception for more details.
Can I invite a friend to join the club?
We know how important it is to feel comfortable and to train with friends, who are often our motivators. That's why we usually organize special courtesy actions to invite friends. In addition, you have the option to speak with one of our consultants and ask them to contact your friend to arrange a visit to the club and a training session. Please note that this type of invitation is valid once in 3 months.

In The Gym

What is an Initial Guidance?
An Initial Guidance is a one-hour meeting with a personal trainer. During the meeting, the personal trainer interviews the new member in order to make a brief assessment of the physical condition and adapt the best training program to their individual goals. This session also gives the member the opportunity to become familiar with the Personal Trainer and with all the machines available in our club. If you missed your Initial Guidance, please contact our personal trainer or consultants to book your session.
Should I book the Initial Guidance or can I ask at the front desk?
All Personal Trainer sessions must be scheduled in advance at the club reception to make sure we have a Personal Trainer available. Book your session at the front desk or directly with a Personal Trainer.
Is there any support to help me start training?
All new members have the right to an Initial Guidance with a Personal Trainer (marked in advance), preparation of a personalized training plan. Please see the question: What is an Initial Guidance? In addition, the member is entitled to a consultation with our nutritionist to support the training program with a healthy eating plan.
What should I wear to the Club?
We advise you to wear light, comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely. Make sure that your choice of clothing does not make the other members uncomfortable. Members can not do topless exercises and should always have shoes on (cross trainers or tennis).
At what age can I start going to the club?
Due to the law and for safety rules, the minimum age of our members is 16 years. Underage persons may only join the club with written permission of the parent or guardian.
How can I get around in the Club?
All clubs have Personal Trainers in a grey t-shirt that help at the beginning of the workout and that can help you whenever you are training. However, if you prefer a more personalized follow-up, you can have a Personal Trainer. When you start with us, you are entitled to a class with a Personal Trainer.

In The Studio

Should I tell the Personal Trainer I'm in the class the first time?
At the beginning of each class, our Personal Trainers ask if someone is there for the first time. This way, they can give special attention and advice if necessary. Also, feel free to tell the Personal Trainer any relevant information about your health or physical condition. Check the schedule of available classes.
Should I book group classes?

We have available our APP in which you can schedule the classes as well as you can ask for the ticket classes at the reception of the club.

How many times does the class schedule change?

We try to make fewer changes to the class schedule as possible to ensure comfort and convenience for all members. All changes generally concern the number of people willing to attend a given class or due to the summer season, but the calendar does not change more than four times a year.