Class: iCYCLE

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Spinning, stationary bicycle or indoor cycling are some of the most searched activities in a Club. This is exactly the type of class one should look for if the goal is to lose weight, tone bottom, legs and core muscles while winning lean mass losing fat mass.

In iCYCLE classes your heart will be racing and your legs will try to keep up, motivated by the power of the right music tracks.

This intense class can lead to burning 700-calories/ hour if you take it to its peak and all you need to do is pedal to the beat and have fun.

There are four different levels adapted to different intensities and this allows evolution, becoming more challenging as you progress. The changes in degree vary with the length of the class that goes from 30 to 60 minutes. During the class you’ll also be asked to adjust your bicycle to higher or lower degrees of resistance and this will allow you to feel confortable while pushing yourself to your goals.

Within each class you’ll find three major training sequences: warm-up/ prologue, training and final stretching. There are 9 music tracks to take you from one point to the other and the right sound will have you ‘hill climbing’ cruising on a ‘mixed road’, trying some ‘speed endurance’ or reaching for a ‘mountain’ trail.

Each segment of the class fits goals more related to strength, cardio and endurance providing a very comprehensive workout.

Be inspired and come train.

Posted in Fitness