Class of the Month: Made in Brazil

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This is a special Holmes Place group class that focuses on toning and strengthening bottom, belly and legs in a high intensity 30 minutes workout. It’s a very complete workout for these muscle groups and can be a good add on to your weekly schedule now that summer is approaching fast. But showing a nice figure is not juts the one reason to get involved with these hot and fun rhythms.

In your MIB class you’ll find a mix of aerobics, dance and ground exercises that will be a balance of fun and movement, with weights (you can choose to add), with intensity repetitions and a little cardio.

The original choreographies are very upbeat and designed to focus on the hip region and are easy to follow by both men and women. The movements fight cellulite and extra padding in thighs and gluteus and thanks to its short duration you can easily include it in your exercise plan, combining it with other classes or gym circuit. Plus, you won’t get bored, as there are always new choreographies and challenges being included in your class and you can rise the level of intensity according to your goals by strapping different weights to your ankles and increase resistance.

Get inspired to try a class of revisit the emotions in your own living room with our special MIB playlist:

Anitta – Na Batida

Buraka Som Sistema - Parede

Sapão – Vou Desafiar Você

Naldo Benny (Feat. Flo Rida) - Maluquinha

Onze20 – Querendo Te Encontrar

Posted in Fitness