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Spartans is one of the most challenging classes Holmes Place has to offer, with a high intensity 45 minute full-body workout. This class was created to meet the goals of modern city warriors who want to prepare themselves for their daily adventures by increasing resistance, endurance and strength.

Mixing sports and athletic training, the class uses drills inspired by basketball, volleyball and American football. The workout summons all your energy and focus to skillfully complete physical tasks, movements and intense repetitions. Therefore, you can expect to burn approximately 600 - 800 calories in one session. We recommend the class for people who already perform and are used to regular exercise.

Five music tracks take you from the first stage of activation, that develops the cardiovascular conditioning, strength and general physical training, into a 5 stage circuit that includes battling ropes, agility ladder, medicine ball and elastic tubes. The class finishes with a regeneration stage that allows a soothing end.

Working cardio, agility and strength, Spartans integrates different physical components to guarantee a complete workout that is based on the four human movement pillars:

• Locomotion - body movement from one point to another in a given space.
• Level changes - (up and down) eg: squats, lunges, etc.
• Pulls and pushes – ie: pulling a rubber band, push-ups, etc.
• Rotations – torso rotations about the legs or vice versa.
Expect runs, sprints, squats, jumps, burpees and pushups as all the body’s weight, strength and power are used in the workout that also includes special equipment to allow advanced exercises. If you like challenges you will definitely enjoy this ride:

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Posted in Fitness