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Can we figure out which class is right for you? Answer the following questions to define your personal tastes and state of mind and we will tell you which classes best fit your profile.

Can we match you with your ideal class? Answer the following questions to establish your personal tastes and mood and we’ll find the classes that best fit your profile.

Take the quiz, have fun and uncover your next challenge.

1.Your biggest goal right now is to:

a) Find balance, have some “me” time and like the way I feel

b) Be more active, get my weight under control and have fun

c) Tone my body, track weight and be in shape and like the way I look

d) Be proud of my progress and achievements

2.When you think of an enjoyable moment you envision yourself:

a) Reading a book on a winter’s afternoon

b) Dining with friends in a fun restaurant

c) Spending all day at a beach looking good and feeling even better

d) Conquering a challenge and being number one

3.For dinner with your friends, you prefer to:

a) Prepare their favourite recipe from scratch

b) Order something you can all share

c) Stick to your carb-free, gluten-free diet

d) Go out where everyone can get what s/he wants

4.What makes you feel good?

a) Meditating or walking

b) Dancing or being with friends

c) Going out or going shopping

d) Travelling or extreme sports

5.What is your favourite kind of movie or television series?

a) Independent or documentary

b) Comedy or detective

c) Romantic or drama

d) Action or police

6.Where you would like to travel?

a) Nepal or India

b) Cuba or Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

c) Hawaii or Australia

d) New York or Tokyo

7.What is your favourite word from the following list?

a) Spirit

b) Friends

c) Joy

d) Power

Mostly A: Wellbeing and Holistic

Mostly B: Energy and Fun

Mostly C: Shape and Tone

Mostly D: Challenge and Strength

Mostly A: Wellbeing and Holistic

Your ideal class should offer you that special moment of the day that allows you to escape all external concerns, giving you the time to focus on your balance and wellbeing, while preparing your body and mind for a new experience.

Key ingredients:

● Sociability

● Balance

● Flexibility

Your ideal classes:

Suspension Training Holistic, Pilates, Yoga, Activate

Suspension Training Holistic

A class with roots in yoga that decompresses your spine and builds strength and flexibility by working against gravity.


Exercises focused on balanced and stable postures that train your core muscles and develop body control.


Take a break from your busy everyday life and find the path to inner peace and wellbeing


Activate is a cheerful total body conditioning class.

Alternate cardio and strength training during a fun and enjoyable

30-minute workout

Mostly B: Energy and Fun

Your ideal class is the perfect mix of partying and fitness. You want to be active but still have fun and be with people that have a lighthearted approach to exercise.

Key ingredients:

● Sociability

● Flexibility

● Challenge

Your ideal classes:

Ballet Flow, Euphoria, Zumba

Ballet Flow

Move gracefully and get into great shape. This ballet-inspired class will build your strength, conditioning and flexibility. Feel the flow and have fun as you move through the basic conditioning movements of ballet and contemporary dance classes.


A 45-minute class featuring different styles of dance. Different genres of music meet exciting but easy-to-learn moves. Break a sweat while you have a great time dancing!


Latin pop rhythms for fun, energetic dance workouts.

Mostly C: Shape and Tone

Your ideal class is able to offer you the top results balancing effort and reward. Maximum concentration, maximum fun and challenge in high-paced activities that give you a rush.

Key ingredients:

● Progress

● Challenge

● Looking good

Your ideal classes:

MIB, Express Classes, iCycle

Made in Brazil

Let MIB motivate you to strengthen and tone your lower body. Get into the groove as you work your bottom and legs in this effective Brazilian workout!

Xpress Classes

Designed to focus on specific body areas these short-bite size classes are ideal to push for your goals.


A complete cycling workout. With four levels of intensity, iCycle lets you change gears to reach your goals.

Mostly D: Challenge and Strength

Your ideal class will push you to your limits and allow you to uncover new ones every time. You can feel the progress and enjoy the opportunity to be with like-minded people that also challenge you as you go. It’s not a competition, but if it were you’d be in it to win. Fast-paced and energising, this is how you charge the batteries to conquer everyday life.

Key ingredients:

● Evolution

● Performance and competence

● Passion

Your ideal classes:

FloatFit, AirFit, Warrior, Spartans, xCelerate


AirFit is a high-intensity workout that uses a mini-trampoline to help you bounce your way to cardiovascular fitness.


Warrior combines martial arts training with exciting music. It turns combat tactics and techniques into an amazing cardio workout. The battle is never over. Reveal the warrior within you.


Are you really that strong? Highly functional and very complete, this high-intensity workout pushes the boundaries of any aspiring advanced athlete, focusing on speed, agility and quickness.


This is a high-impact aerobic class, training you to improve your cardio, strength and balance for a high voltage body. xCelerate pushes you forward for a great workout.


Know the modality that combines fitness to the pool. Although performed in its entirety in the water, it can be practiced not only by those who train in the pool, but also in the gym or outdoor training.

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