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If the nice weather is still here make the most of it. With sunny days comes a chance to keep your healthy lifestyle in a fun and easy-going way. We would lie to see you keep your vacation mood even after your return to routine. Outdoor workouts will also help you get in touch with a different mode of training in a different space that provides you with a sense of freedom.

This is our suggestion of an outdoor training circuit to make the most of the weather, while it lasts. With some rules and schedules and following our suggestions you’ll still be able to get your goals while having fun.

  • Enjoy the park or the beach
  • Get some Vitamin D from the sun and train early in the morning or in late afternoon to avoid to much sun exposure. Always apply sunscreen
  • keep hydrated, drink enough water throughout your exercise
  • let your imagination work as you can always uncover new exercises to add into this circuit in your surroundings (keep it safe)

To finish in beauty remember to stretch smoothly for about 15 seconds for each muscle group. Now you can enjoy your workout in a park or outdoor area any time.

Here is the circuit you can do for a full body outdoors exercise routine:


abdominais1_int abdominais2_int

Bench dips

bemch dips

Jump rope

saltar à corda_int


elevações1_int elevações2_int








Article and workout source inspiration: Nelson Ocampo, personal trainer Holmes Place ES

Posted in Fitness